Nothing beats a summer trip abroad. I will always dream of sunshine and the seaside for the summerand some of my favourite memories of Archie and Frankie are them playing in the sand with huge smiles on their faces.  

There are various places that make for a wonderful family-friendly summer holiday.. so I thought I’d share with you the top destinations on my summer holiday bucket list!  


One of the most beautiful parts of Italy has to be Sicily. It is the largest island in the Mediterranean, located south of the Italian Peninsula and separated by the Strait of Messina. The landscapes are gorgeous, the locals are open and friendly, the history is rich, and there are cultural treasures to be discovered at every turnOh, and the food? It’s fresh and delicious. Kids are welcomed in Sicily and family is an important value in the culture, so family travel here is natural and much more relaxing. I imagine my family exploring markets to get fresh food, relaxing on the seaside, taking a cable car up Mount Etna to picnic with a view, and visiting historical sites with a gelato in hand.  

When it comes to where to stay in Sicily, private villas are the way to go! They are actually affordable compared to other methods of accommodation, and there is nothing better than having a private space for your family to spread out with a kitchen! There are websites like Wishsicily for example, that display a lot of the luxury villas for rent in Sicily. This is very useful for finding the perfect accommodation 

French Riviera  

The French Riviera, also known as the Côte d’Azurmight be famous for the Cannes film festival and yachting industry, but it is also a gorgeous place to visit with kids. The stone beaches from Nice to Antibes are perfect for an outing with kids before wandering up to visit the ancient old towns. And in case the kids need a break from the sun or get caught on a rainy day, the Monaco Aquarium is an activity that they would surely love and makes everybody’s list!  



Croatia is a destination that has long been a spot for a family-friendly holiday. The Museum of Illusions in Zagreb would surely be a fun place to visit as a familyas well as the Split Aquarium, which is Croatia’s largest marine aquarium, and the Krka National Park famous for the Skradinski Buk and Roski Slap waterfalls. Plus, Croatia’s shallow beaches along the coast of the Adriatic Sea would make time at the sea a whole lot less stressful for mom and dad!  

Something that I have always wanted to see is the UNESCO-listed Old Town of Dubrovnik. I love to get views from up high, and with a walk along the old town and Dubrovnik Walls, views of the town are plenty!  

 What are some of your favourite places for a nice summer holiday?  

* This post was written in collaboration with Mary Davis..”



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