I really knew I was growing up and getting older when my Christmas present was a new office space. All jokes aside I was over the moon with it as it was everything I have dreamed of for an office space. For starters it’s pink my favourite colour and I have had so much fun accessorizing it and making it some kind of unicorn heaven.

It has helped me become more productive and saved me some time as everything is in one place. However , I still like to daydream and get carried away at times. I like to think of my desk as my own office Narnia.

I wish I could enter Narnia through my desk and it could take me anywhere I want. I would like to be boarding a plane to New York City and spending my days sight-seeing and drinking cocktails , one can only dream.

I have always been a bit obsessed with America and in particular New York. I always used to see the tall buildings on TV and in books when I was little and say “I will go there one day” And so I did when I was 23 I went to New York for a week and it was everything I expected it to be, I was totally mesmerised. I love the hustle and bustle of the city , the yellow cabs and most of all the history and culture. I wandered the streets day and night taking it all in not wanting it to end.

I do go in to dreamland about going back and have a bucket list of places I want to do / things I want to see. Next time I want to go up in the statue of liberty , visit Brooklyn and also see a Broadway show. I love re visiting through my office Narnia and dreaming of things to come.

Some days I’m more realistic and it’s purely my wish to be transported somewhere I can have five minutes peace and drink a hot coffee. With two under four that is quite a rarity in this house. Where would you like to be transported to ?  Furniture at work have come up with a great infographic on office Narnia with some fabulous daydreaming material.

*Collaborative post

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