A few days ago we visited Castell Coch , it’s such a magical place and really does look like a princess castle. The ankle biters were so excited and couldn’t wait to get inside and explore.

They were mesmerised looking around the castle , after all this was a new experience for them and they were absorbing every bit of new information. Next up was the dining room and they got really excited over the huge dining table and were asking us 1000 questions per second. Naturally they were quite loud , two excited pre schoolers asking questions and doing that excited squeal they do.

I literally could not believe what I saw next , two shall we say older ladies both telling my children to shush and shaking their heads , looking at them in disgust. How dare these women think they can try and dull my babies sparkle. Luckily the ankle biters didn’t even notice and carried on doing what they were doing.

They are a two and three and everything excites them , they are learning , they are taking in brand new experiences. They don’t have volume control , this is how they express themselves. They have never seen a dining table that big with a special chair for the king , this makes them extremely happy. Yes to you it’s a table , to them it’s a magical.

Granted they are being loud and excitable , but they are not running around being naughty and screeching they are just excited. If they were being naughty , running around and hitting things over then fair enough I would shush them myself.

There is a difference , this was excitement. This did almost ruin my experience as every room we went in and they were there I felt it was all eyes on us! But no way was I going to let it , I encouraged them to keep asking questions and take in the magic – they would not dull our sparkle.

I want my children to love learning and never stop asking questions or stop getting excited about the world we live in. These type of people do not realise what effect they could have on some children and parents. They could discourage some little ones from asking any more questions in fear of being shushed , and they could make some parents feel like absolute crap like they have no control over their children.

Unfortunately for these women children are noisy , they are not robots , they don’t have a volume button and will always be excitable. My advice to you ladies would be to get over yourself or not visit any child friendly places in the future for fear of excited children!


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  1. We had similar at St Fagans a few weeks ago when my daughter was trying to look inside the castle.She was excited and “wowing” and she got the look and tut from some older ladies.I’m the first to shush normally but she really didn’t do anything wrong in my eyes,it was a new experience for her so I let her be.I said to my Mum at the time I swear people forget they ever were or ever had kids!

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