This is something I have been seeing a lot of lately so wanted to write about it. I have witnessed and had it said about me “oh she thinks she’s the perfect mum” ” oh look at her constantly posting about what she’s doing with the kids” you know these types of comments. Also people thinking your just posting the “good stuff” for social media and masking the rest.

I do not think any Mum’s should feel guilty of posting and telling their friends and family on social media what they getting up to. Of course you want to celebrate and share what your little one is doing. For example how they are getting on with their ABC’s , their potty training or just to tell everyone how proud you are. Motherhood really isn’t a competition and I for one will never apologise or feel guilty sharing my babies milestones and achievements.

For example I will share days out and adventures we are going on , not because I think I’m perfect or that I have the best Pinterest picnics and activities. I do it because I’m excited to share what we have done that day.  My Nan and Bamps have Facebook and they love to see what we get up to each day. I have family and friends dotted all around the UK and also a large Maltese family. I love to see what they are al up to and vice versa.

I also share days out and what we have been up to for my local friends and followers to tell them how fab somewhere has been and recommend them going.  I go out every day and plan all of these activities to keep the ankle biters busy and quite frankly because if I had to stay in and endure a full day in the house with them I would be certified mentally insane after a day!

I also share the bad stuff too like how my two-year old is going through the terrible two’s which is tuning me grey and making my hair fall out … literally no joke. I tell you all about how some days are just too much and that final tantrum had tipped me over the edge and I’ve burst in to tears walking round town.  About how much fun it is potty training your toddler and stepping in shit that they have just kindly left for you on the rug. So no I definitely am not under any illusion that I am perfect.

I think we are more inclined to mostly share the good stuff with our social media following. I would rather happy celebrations that just negativity. Though it is good to share some of the negative and the bad days as this also helps other Mum’s relate and know that what they are going through is normal. That their two-year old is just being a two-year old and its nothing they have done or just because you have gone to the big M and not cooked this is fine too we all do it. The toddlers got a happy meal so of course they are happy.

Next time you hear someone saying “oh she thinks she’s a perfect mum” or “yeah that’s just for Facebook” Think before you join in or think the same. Of course this one good thing you share on Facebook or Instagram may be just a 10 minute snippet of the day. The rest of the day you may have spent pulling your hair out and riddled with anxiety, which could be all the more reason to share that happy memory that has been made.

So just for the record no I’m not perfect –

My washing basket is always full

my house is far from perfectly spotless I like to call it shabby chic

I give the littles beige food sometimes when I can’t be doing with cooking

I shout sometimes and have my own tantrums

I cry

I give them sweets sometimes so I can chill for five minutes

I hide with chocolate in the kitchen

I run down the stairs some nights singing I’m free and enjoy a wine


1 thought on “I never said I was a perfect mum”

  1. I’ve had this a few times and I can assure you I’m far from perfect! Social media doesn’t show all of the picture and that’s ok! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza xx

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