For those of you that may not have heard of Bush Baby World they follow the adventures of the Bush Babies. Bush Baby World is aimed at children aged 5-9. There are many cuddly characters to collect and love. They are brought to life with a range of unique and toys, online creative play, storytelling and animated webisodes.

I am always looking for new you tube short episodes for my little ones to watch as a treat whilst I cook tea or fold the washing. It keeps them occupied for just enough time for me to get bits done.

We were so excited when the team at Bush Baby World contacted us to tell us they had a new webisode. Of course the anklebiters were keen to watch and tell me what they thought. Frankie said she loves how cuddly they are and Archie said he likes all of the bright colours. The episodes are not too long which is perfect as I find my two loose interest if they are too long.

We watched it together and I must say I’m so impressed with the animation and the bright and bold colours used. The characters are so cute and there are so many to choose from. As you can see below. We all really enjoyed watching and learning about the Bush Babies and now the ankle biters want some of their own.

Bush Babies have an RRP of £8.99 you can wiggle their eyes and waggle their ears! Featuring funky flower printed fabrics and an adorable gold nose and hands. The cute new Bush Baby world range launched in January and there are six to collect – choose from Bluebelle, Petalina, Tillani, Butterlee, Pozee and Fleur.

There is also the scented blossoms range launched in February these are Lili and Rosi  and have a RRP £12.99 each. Lili and Rosi are the best of friends but the complete opposite of each other. Rosi is quiet, gentle and tidy, whereas Lili is loud, giggly and a little messy… Lili and Rosi have a unique blossom scent and come with a flower shaped brush so you can look after their beautiful bright

I love that these webisodes are on YouTube it means I can have them to hand on my phone or iPad , great if we are stuck waiting somewhere and need something to keep the little ones entertained. Want to see for yourself ? You can view the new webisode below.

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