We were so lucky to be asked by Three network to test out the Samsung S9+. I currently have the Samsung S7 which I use a lot for photos on the blog and I have previously tried out the Samsung S9 which was fab.

I recently used the S9+ during our Newquay adventures , we had so many gorgeous scenes etc to take photos of. The quality of the photos were incredible , the colour was sharper and so much brighter than the S9 – I honesty didn’t expect there to be much difference between the two .

The photos look so professional especially with being able to use the live focus. You get the perfect blurred out background every time.  I was wowed more and more by each photo I took.

I mentioned in my S9 review that the selective focus wasn’t great as when you are taking the photo you had to be really close up otherwise the blurred out effect can look quite unnatural.

The S9+ has really sorted this out and had a distance sensor which flashed up a message when you were too far away or too close. This was a great feature as it helped you to get the perfect picture each time.

I can honestly say in some cases the S9+ was better than my DSLR. This is super handy as it fits in my pocket and is more practical than taking a big heavy camera out each time.

We also used the waterproof feature in the pool and used it under the water , I must admit I was scared doing this but all was well and it took some fab shots and videos under the water.

These are just a few of the photos I have taken with the Samsung S9+  – l was pleasantly surprised with how much better the photo quality was with the S9+ than the S9 as I really didn’t think there would be much difference.

The fact that it took some better pictures than my DSLR was a huge plus for me. I would be happy with an upgrade to this from my S7.

I liked that the layout and features are mostly the same so there is no need to get used to a new phone. The fact that phone cameras are getting better each upgrade really excites me.

Here are some of my favourite photos taken over the month using the Samsung S9+ 

*I was given the Samsung S9+ loan for one month for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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