I started my blogging journey in January 2017 , for me I started it as a hobby and a way to channel my anxiety. As the weeks and then months went on I started to learn all about the world of blogging and how I could actually make a career out of this.

I soon went self hosted and got my own site and started to improve my google rankings and domain authority. This then allows you to get the ranking up high enough for brands to notice you and also for brands to start paying you to write or host posts for them. I never dreamt that I could turn this in to a full-time job.

I have had mixed reactions with this , my family and close friends have been amazing and ever so supportive of my choice. Then on the other hand some  haven’t been and are flabbergasted that I have “given up” my career as a teacher.

It’s a job I loved at one point but really fell out of love with the politics and all the other crap that came with it. If the job was just about teaching children then happy days,  but it was much more than that. I was social worker , relationship councillor , behaviour manager and so much more , sadly all of those things came before teaching on a regular basis. It was easy to walk away from a career of 10 years. To be matter of fact about it I ran!

A lot of people through no fault of their own just don’t get blogging. They think that bloggers just get things for free , put a quick picture up and that’s it. In fact it’s so much more than that.

That quick picture really isn’t quick , it’s all about getting that perfect shot – I call it the money shot. This involves taking the picture around 30 plus times , editing it , thinking of that perfect caption , scheduling and posting on social media. I also usually write a blog post review to go with these pictures which can take several hours. It really is not a case of getting things for free or free loading as honesty nothing is for nothing in the blogging world.

I also get asked a lot how do you earn money from this? This part comes with time and building your site , now I have a well established site I am near on earning as much as I was being a teacher and now have a self-employed business.

But how ? There are various ways I earn money through my blog – I write blog posts for brands and SEO’s , I host posts that I feel are a good fit for my blog so these are pre written. Then there is social media side , I can get paid for a photo on Instagram , for running a few Insta stories and for sending a tweet. Another way could be through being in a video for a brand , this was something I did last year and charged a fee for. Also brands advertising on my site in the form of a side bar ad etc.

Someone has even said I bet you don’t get paid that much for writing though as it’s only a quick few paragraphs. True sometimes it can only be around 300/400 words but it can still result in a payment anywhere from £50-£250 , all dependant on who you are working with , what kind of budget they have. So yes it is a REAL job as I’m providing a service and getting paid for it.

E commerce is very much the way the world is going at the moment and I feel grateful to be a part of this. I do know that blogging probably wont last forever , nothing does in this ever fast online environment. At the moment I am enjoying it and have had so many opportunities for myself and my family and am so grateful. I hope this helps give some understanding of what I am doing and also to help anyone else thinking of making full time career from blogging.

1 thought on “Oh you are a blogger? But that isn’t your real job , is it?”

  1. They really don’t ! Some people just look at me with a glazed expression when I say oh I’m a blogger !! Ha

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