It’s ok not to be ok sometimes and to feel like you have had enough , life is not an Instagram filter and is not always perfect. I think parents put too much pressure on themselves to always show people that everything is ok , there are no problems and everyone is happy ALL of the time. This is impossible to achieve when you are a parent and bringing up children. There will always be happy , fun and proud days but there will also be days that are well lets face it a bit shit.

It’s ok to hide in the kitchen eating cake and having a cry because they have just been too much today and you can’t take one more demand , fight or tantrum. It’s ok because we are only human and can only stretch ourselves so far.

It’s ok to drop your little ones off to school or nursery then come home put the kettle on and chill. Leave the dishes and the washing can wait , take some time for you because that’s really ok.

It’s ok to not want to do crafts , play or bake cakes today. You do so much with the little ones and gives them so much enrichment it’s ok to let them play independently sometimes , to put the TV on and watch back to back paw patrol. Your child will not be deprived or loose mental ability to learn because of a few chill days.

It’s ok to admit that you are feeling down or anxious , it’s not something to be ashamed of and it’s something that so many people battle with but you don’t always see openly talked about. People think they have to portray the perfect life and keep telling everyone that everything is great. Sometimes everything is not great , sometimes your crippled with anxiety and just the thought of the tasks you have to do that day will make your heart race ,stomach flip and your chest feel like a dead weight. It’s ok to say right I’m not doing this today , I’m going to take some time for me and practice some self-care. It’s ok not to be ok.

It’s ok that the thought of cooking one more perfectly crafted meal from scratch that your child will not eat makes you want to pull your hair out. It’s ok to put some fish fingers and waffles in front of them ,  you will have a fuss free time at the table that night and all kids will eat everything on their plate for once. It’s ok to do that and it doesn’t make you a bad parent , they are not going to suffer a vitamin deficiency from one day off the fruit and veg.

It’s ok to feel a bit jealous when you see friends or complete stranger’s social media posts with the perfect life. But please remember how deceiving social media can be. That shot can be 30 seconds out of a day that’s been filled with arguments , tears and tantrums. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to appear perfect to everyone around you , embrace the chaos and laugh hysterically.

What I’m trying to say is never be ashamed or scared to admit that everything is NOT ok ! You are human and it’s normal not to be ok with everything all of the time.


Thoughts, Comments?

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