So here it is your last day in Reception class and I’m sitting here thinking about how much you have changed and grown this year.

Your first day at School left me in tears, actually the first few weeks did I felt lost – it was all new for us all. You coped so well and I’m ever so proud of you for that , it was me who wasn’t quite holding it together – but you helped me there and held me together perfectly.

I will never forget how little you looked and how the huge school bag drowned you. Neither will I forget the way you looked back at me as you walked through those gates , you look terrified and had the look of how can you leave me here as the tears rolled down your face. I felt this overwhelming guilt and trying to hold back the tears was so hard , I broke my heart crying walking back to the car.

But as the days went on you got more confident going in and there were no tears , this made me happier that you will ever know. You enjoyed each day and were excited to tell me what you had done and what you had for lunch at the end of the day and the friends you had made. You were flourishing educationally and soaking everything up like a sponge.

Then your first parents evening arrived and we were so very proud to be sat with you teacher and hearing the praise she had for you. You had settled in well , made a ton of friends and were excelling in all that you did.

When you went to school you couldn’t read yet and you could only write a few names and complete some simple sums. Now you are reading books in another language , you can speak another language more confidently and you are writing in full sentences. You can add , subtract and are even trying your hand at timetables. You are incredible and amaze us every day.

Your first sports day was amazing , you enjoyed every race and even come first in the egg and spoon and second in some other races. It was so lovely to be cheering you on at the finish line.

Your first school report was incredible ! The headteacher said you were “clearly a bright and talented boy” and your teacher talked about how much your confidence has grown and how she could not get any conversation out of you at the start but now there is no stopping you. I cried so much reading your report and read it to anyone who would listen , beaming with pride.

As the last day of reception class approaches I am feeling super emotional and have a lump in my throat, just like the day he started. Though it’s so very different now he runs up to the school gate on his own as he told me couple of months ago that I don’t need to go to the gate with him anymore. This cut deep but also made me so happy that his confidence has grown so much for him to do that.

I cannot believe how quickly time is passing and how you are no longer a pre schooler but a school boy. How have you completed a whole year already ? I know the time is going to fly by and soon it will be your last day of primary school and I must keep reminding myself to take every single second in and treasure it ever so carefully.

So on the last day of reception I am going to soak it all in slowly , I will watch more closely as you chose your socks , get dressed and stand tall in your uniform. I will let you walk a bit slower up to that school drive searching for crickets and butterfly’s in the grass without worrying we will be late. I will hug you just a bit tighter as I leave you at the school gate that day knowing that we have completed another milestone in your life.

I have so much appreciation for Archie’s teachers, he is so lucky to have had such dedicated staff that cared for him every step of the way like he was their own. They have been there every step of the way an helped him shine. I’m forever grateful as this great year he has had would not have been possible without them.

Now off you go , enjoy your last day and as always shine.

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