I doubt myself all the time , daily in fact let’s be honest I do it hourly. It can be over anything , am I doing enough educational play with them ? Should I have given them those chocolate buttons ? Should I have taken them to the doctors for that cough sooner ?

I have never doubted myself this much and 99.9 percent of the time I haven’t made the wrong choice , it’s that self-doubt that all Mum’s get themselves in to. Why do we self doubt ? Who knows ? One thing I do know is that it’s because of the all consuming love we have for these little humans we created and we just want to get it right every time.

Dear Mumma ,

To that new Mum doubting that you have what it takes to be a Mamma – you do ! Motherhood is something we go in to blind , we are learning by the minute what’s right for us , what’s right for our babies. It really is the hardest job you will ever do as nothing you have done before compares or comes close. Take a deep breath and embrace it , no doubt you are doing amazing!

Some days you are crippled with anxiety and worries and you start question whether you are strong enough for motherhood – you are ! It’s something we all go through and yes you are strong enough and you are doing this , and rocking it.

I see you doubting yourself over choosing to have a PJ day and staying in today. But what about getting fresh air ? Or soft play ? Don’t doubt your decision – soft play can wait and will still be there tomorrow , you are exhausted and need to chill before you burn yourself out. The little ones will love building duvet dens , making memories and having fun.

I see you doubting yourself because you chose pizza and potato shapes for tea last night. You did this because you were running on empty and just too exhausted for anything else. You’re worried that it should have been vegetable pie , which they no doubt would have thrown on the floor. The time you would have spent over cooking that meal was better spent playing cars and doing jigsaws which the little ones totally loved.

I see you thinking you are a failure and questioning every ability you have! You are certainly not a failure you are an intelligent Mamma who is creating a beautiful connection with her children. So what you forgot to take the rain cover and it’s raining , or you have snapped and have been the shouty Mamma today – this is not a failure, this is called being human.

Your doubting the choice you made this morning to ditch toddler group and go to the park instead followed by café with naughty cake , juice and coffee. Why are you doubting that? The little ones had loads of sensory play on that Autumn treasure hunt and were beyond happy with the cake , they even told you that you were the best Mummy ever. Now that is you winning right there.

Your doubting whether going back to work was the right the decision – Don’t ! You have made that decision based on your family needs and what you are aspiring for. Think of all the lovely extra things you will be able to do with your family and the extra holiday’s you could go on.

Your doubting yourself because your toddler still has a dummy or still has milk at night. You are doing what is right for you and your baby nobody else. Your little one is thriving and happy , what is there to doubt?

This self doubt needs to be eliminated , you are always enough, you are rocking motherhood and your babies are beyond happy. Never doubt decisions you have made for you and your family as this is what suits you and nobody else. Next time you feel like doubting yourself take a look at that baby or bouncing toddler you have created and look at how unique and well developed they are – you did that!

Loads of Love





1 thought on “An open letter to the Mamma who’s doubting herself – STOP”

  1. Once we become parents we start doubting everything. Even the little things that really don’t even need thinking about. Unfortunately I think it is a natura part of being a parent.

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