Our plan was to have two babies close in age. When Archie our first born was six months old we started to try for baby number two Frankie. It had taken six months to conceive Archie ,we thought Frankie would take roughly the same. She was in fact conceived from our 1st try !! Later that month we got our positive test ! Much quicker than planned but we were beyond happy. There would be a 14 and a half month age gap between Archie and Frankie.

When I was pregnant I thought the transition from one to two would be easy , I was ready for this , it was all fresh in my mind. Not quite that simple looking back at my naive self. We did quickly get used to this hectic way of life. 

To my babies ,

Frankie my youngest sorry you had to wait to be fed sometimes while I had to settle your brother with a snack and  Peppa pig on repeat just so I could get a chance to make your bottle and sit and feed you. Your brother never had to wait and cry like you did , those few minutes you cried for whilst I was quickly chopping an apple and frantically looking for the TV remote seemed like a lifetime and mummy guilt well and truly set in.

Archie I couldn’t cuddle in with you whilst you were watching Peppa pig  like we used to. I had to hold your sister in my arms and rock her to sleep.

Archie your food was batch cooked freshly made and blended in little individual pots all labeled neatly when we weaned you. Frankie yours was served up every night along side ours and it was fork mashed , but don’t worry it still had all the goodness your  brother’s did. Mummy just didn’t have the time she had when it was just your brother and her.

Frankie my heart used to break when I would hear you scream whilst making your bottle because your brother had squeezed your nose or dropped his toy car on your face. He didn’t mean to he was just excited to play with you and show you his car. Now you’re a toddler you hold your own and exclaim it’s MINE when Archie tries to take a toy off you or if he tries to squeeze your nose you tell him “naughty Archie no”


Frankie your brother had to wait till way past his first birthday before he had a happy meal , you had one when you were 7 months old because you cried when you saw what Archie was eating and you wanted to try a chicken nugget. 

Whilst Archie was playing in the park , running around , on the swings , whizzing down the slide you were sitting in the pram because you couldn’t walk yet. You more than enough make up for that now , you are sitting in the swing along side Archie and running after him to fight over the car on springs.


Sorry that I can’t always give either of you my full undivided attention 24/7. I promise it won’t always be this way. Just sometimes I’m dealing with Frankie who is upset because she is teething and wants a cuddle. Archie you want me to play blocks and I tell you I just can’t right now !! You look so disappointed I’m sorry. 

Sometimes Mummy wants a coffee and to sit down for ten minutes so I’ll pretend I can’t see you pulling a whole packet of wet wipes out because it’s keeping you quiet long enough for me to drink a hot coffee. Sorry I should be building bricks or reading with you for those ten minutes but instead you’re sitting in a sea of wipes. But hey your loving life !!

Archie you love to paint and do crafts. Your so disappointed when Mummy has to rush this because Frankie still isn’t old enough to understand she can’t eat paint and put little plastic eyes in her mouth. We will have all the time in the word to do this soon not long now until Frankie can paint and make things like you and you will teach her.

Archie sorry that half of your toys have the little bits removed away in a safe place to stop Frankie putting them in her mouth or up her nose. Soon you will have them back , if I can find them!

I’m not sorry for how close you both are and how you are always there for each other. You are best friends and can’t bare to be apart. I’m also not sorry that your big brother has taught you so much already and helped you through each stage of development. Your little sister has also taught you how to be gentle and loving and that you just have to share. You both have an extra person who loves you just as much as Mummy and Daddy.


Love you both millions , 


Thoughts, Comments?

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