We love camping here and really enjoyed our trip away a few weeks ago. We have another one coming up soon so I thought I would write a mini guide to camping with little ones.

Are you planning a family camping trip for the first time? This can sometimes be quite stressful when you have little ones and trying to get everyone organised can be overwhelming. I have come up with some basic tips to get you and your family packed up, fully prepared and out enjoying the great outdoors.

Start By Planning

All successful family camping trips come down to good old fashioned planning. I usually start off making a list and plan out everything we need to need to take to ensure that the trip goes smoothly and make sure we don’t leave anything to chance. I then tick it off as I go along to make sure I haven’t forgotten any of the essentials.

You will firstly need to be thinking about your camping equipment. Are you going camping in a place that offers amenities such as canoes, fishing gear or do you need to bring your own? Will there be a restaurant there where you can have most of your daily meals or do you need to be packing food for the whole weekend?

There are loads of simple meals you can enjoy that are easy to store. For example hot dog sausages in a tin , beans and eggs. None of these need to be refrigerated and are easy to cook on a camp stove. I find omelettes are also easy to make too. Of course do not forget the marshmallows as the little ones love toasting them over the camp fire. We also enjoy bacon sarnies in the morning. Pasta in tomato sauce is also incredibly easy if you have a camp stove.

Will you be staying in a cabin or yurt or are you going to need to bring your own tents and sleeping bags? There are a surprising amount of details you need to think about packing when going camping particularly when taking children. Also with the great British weather you have to pack for 3 seasons at once. I found it really hard to keep the packing to a minimum as I had to pack for summer and winter.

Don’t forget essential items like a first aid kit, torch, portable cooking stove (if you plan to cook around the bonfire), extra tent pegs, extra blankets and duvets for unexpectedly chilly nights. You should also take lots of bottled water, toys for the kids and any outdoor equipment that you may need depending on the activities that you want to do when you get there.

Beware of Hazards

Camping is one of the most enjoyable family holidays but it does come with its dangers. Ticks are one of the biggest problems when it comes to camping trips and can put an abrupt end to any weekend trip in the countryside.

Therefore make sure your children are tucking trousers into socks and boots and are wearing lighter colours to make it easier to see if there are any ticks on their clothes. If you discover you or one of your children have a tick then you are going to need to get to a doctor as soon as possible. It’s always handy to have the details of a local http://samedaydoctor.org in the area that you are going to so that should you need to see a doctor you have the number to hand.

Camp fires are one of the most obvious dangers when camping obviously children must always be closely monitored in the evenings when sitting and playing around an open fire. It is also important to consider all the other less obvious hazards when taking your children on a camping trip.

Insect spray is a must to ensure you don’t all get eaten alive by mosquitos and midges in the evening. Always pack essentials like Calpol , Nurofen and some children’s antihistamine.  All the above safety measures along with a good first aid kit will make it easier to relax and calm and worries and anxieties you may have.

Thoughts, Comments?

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