We always said we only wanted two babies and we also wanted them close in age. So with 14 months age difference we now have our two babies , our family is complete. We still have no plans to have anymore.
I had a hard time enjoying the baby stage as much as I should have. This was due to both babies having horrendous milk allergies and all the symptoms that came with this. I really regret wishing the baby stage away. I just wanted my babies not to have to suffer and endure the pain they were going through.
Last week Frankie was two I can’t believe our last baby is no longer a baby. She came in to the world quite rapidly and we don’t seem to have slowed down since that day.
The time seems to have flown by and she seems so much more grown up than Archie was at that age. She learns so much from her big brother and really is advanced for her age. She’s fiercely independent and bossy. She doesn’t need me to do much for her as she wants to do it all herself. So confident and outgoing and fears nothing. This is good but also sometimes it terrifies me.
I am sad that this is our last baby and we will no longer go through all the baby phases again. Frankie’s last tooth is breaking through at the moment , this will be the last time we go through teething, the last time she will have those rosy red teething cheeks and the last time I rub teethig gel on her gums.  She’s outgrown all the baby grows that were handed down from Archie. This makes me a little bit sad that these will not be handed down to another baby.
Frankie used to love falling asleep on my chest cuddled up in a blanket. She doesn’t do this anymore and I can’t remember the exact day she last did this. I wish I had known it was the last time so I could truly cherish that moment.
Frankie doesn’t have bottles anymore and the side board in the kitchen is now empty where the steriliser and bottles used to sit. I didn’t know that day I fed her last bottle to her and rocked her to sleep was going to be the last day I did that. Frankie and Archie both love learning new nursery rhymes. The other day we were singing one of their favourites. I realised I will never teach another baby to wind the bobbin up or row row row the boat.
There are also completely unnecessary things you won’t do with your second /last. You won’t rush them through all the phases, won’t try to teach them to count at 9 months. You won’t mind if they take a little longer to crawl and walk. Also you are less precious a little bit of cake wont harm them.
We are happy with our decision and it works for us but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel a slight sadness every time the next stage/phase is over. I also sometimes find myself getting curious and wonder what it would be like with a third child, who would they look like? who’s personality would they have ? The last baby does hold a very bittersweet feeling. All of her firsts and the stages she is going through are our lasts.  But our family is complete and we couldn’t be more blessed.

Thoughts, Comments?

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