Now that the little ones are older they love to have a movie night so we have made it one of our traditions. They get so excited about what movie we are going to watch and what snacks we are going to have. It’s a lovely bit of family bonding time too for us.

Cinema tickets 

Every week for the movie night we make some cinema tickets on the computer and print them off. We then fill them in each week with the movie we are going to watch. The little ones are given the cinema tickets in the morning with their breakfast every Friday. We are currently making our way through the Harry Potter films.

Snacks and drinks

As this is a complete treat night we all like to have a nice snack and drink. The pound shops are so good for props etc and we have bought some lovely plastic popcorn containers for us all to make some fresh popcorn for the film. We also like to have a hot chocolate in the colder months which always involves cream and marshmallows.

Now the weather is warmer we are trying some crushed ice smoothies and have bought some plastic cocktail glasses again from the pound shop and some umbrellas and fancy straws , the little ones love them. We have also been making some chocolate dipped fruit skewers which they love helping with. We let them pick the fruit and put them on to sticks then drizzle chocolate over them. Healthy but still a nice treat.

As a rare treat we do have a little pic and mix too , I have one of these mini pick and mix bars with he scoops. I bought some little striped old-fashioned pick and mix bags from Amazon. The little ones choose a mix up before the film starts.


We make the lounge as comfy as possible with loads of fluffy scatter cushions and fleece blankets. I have also bought some nice fairy lights that I have hung from the fireplace so this makes it nice and cosy. I bought some plain string lights from the pound shop and put them in to mason jars they give such a lovely cosy feel. We are looking in to getting a home cinema system whilst browsing I saw some fabulous Panasonic wireless home cinema system. 

There are loads of lovely movies we can watch together. Archie and Frankie are big fans of the 90’s films like Dennis the Menace , Baby’s day out , Jumanji , Jurassic park , home alone and many more. We are also huge Disney films Beauty and the Beast being our all time favourite. What is your favourite movie to watch with the little ones?

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