Do you have a dream of getting hitched abroad? If you do, the odds are that your wedding will be an outdoor event. Just think of how magical it will be as you say your vows just before the setting sun in front of a small group of family and friends. Nothing could ruin the big day, at least that’s what happy couples think. Unfortunately, too many brides and grooms overlook the essentials of an outdoor ceremony, and it ruins the experience. Considering the investment, and the fact that you only get married once, it’s vital that you cover every base.

Underneath, you’ll find a selection of stuff that you might not have factored in.

A Water Station

It’s a wedding in a foreign country, so you’ve got to make sure the alcohol is flowing. The thought of a cocktail with the love of your life is perfection, which is why mobile bar hire is one of the first jobs on your to-do list. And, while nobody is questioning your judgement, there could be a severe lack of H2O at your event. Sure, the majority of people won’t care, but you’ve got to remember that the conditions won’t be mild. The mercury might hit 30 degrees Celsius and above, making a water station mandatory.

Lotions And Sprays

Staying with the topic of sweltering heat, you can’t deny the fact that sun cream is necessary. Even if you think you tan easily and burning isn’t a factor, you never want to take the risk. Too many couples have regrets when they see half of the bridal party looking more like lobsters than humans! Also, don’t underestimate the link between heat and insects. Mosquitoes and flies might plague you and your guests during the ceremony, and it’s uncomfortable. Thankfully, strong insect repellent will keep them at bay. Look for a high percentage of Deet.

Portable Heaters

Let’s face it – the last thing you ever imagine needing is a portable heater. It’s Koh Samui in the middle of the dry season, so it’ll be warm regardless of the time. Of course, anybody who’s visited hot countries will know that the temps plummet once the sun goes down. It feels worse because the heat was so intense during the day, and makes shivering a realistic possibility. Therefore, hiring portable heaters for the evening should stop you from having to dance to stay warm! Blankets are affordable alternatives if you don’t have the budget for heaters.

Extension Leads

You’ve got everything you need for an incredible outdoor wedding abroad. All that’s left to do is plug-in the bar, cooking appliances and fans. What’s that? There aren’t any sockets? Oh no! Yes, it sounds silly, yet it’s easy to forget about electricity when there is so much on your plate. Without outlets, the wedding will never get going, which is why extension leads are fantastic. The venue might include them in the price. Still, it gives you peace of mind to know that they are backups in case anything goes wrong.

Have you thought of everything you need to ensure your outdoor wedding goes without a hitch?

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