As a busy Mum I’ll take whatever help and advice I can get whether it comes from a friend, my Mum, a wise neighbour or the infinite knowledge of the internet. I’m realising  just how helpful apps can be to help me make sure that my little ones are safe, protected and entertained. While nobody wants their children to be raised by robots (seriously robot nannies exist and they’re terrifying) I’ll admit I was surprised to learn just how much support and peace of mind I’m afforded living in the digital age.

My phone is no longer full of fashion , music and shopping apps they have been replaced with my Mummy apps. Whatever age your children are and whatever your primary concerns are, whether it’s their safety, knowing where they are, knowing what they’re up to on the internet or just making sure they’re entertained there’s an app to help you that can be valuable and reassuring.

Here a few I recommend –

Find My Kids

When your children get to that age where they can go out to play with their friends it can be a real worry. You don’t want to give them too much independence but also don’t want to be too restrictive. Fortunately you can now know exactly where your children are at all times with the Find My Kids app from Footprints. You can also set up a Geofence around your home and receive an alert when they leave a perimeter established by you.


We all worry about our children’s safety online but Mamabear is a useful tool to allay our fears. Not only does it offer the same GPS tracking as Find My Kids you can also monitor their social media activity and even their text messaging with alerts that let you know if they’re tagged in a photo or even if they use bad language.


Children get bored easily and if they become tired of every DVD in their collection then it’s time to turn to the digital streaming services. If you don’t have the time to sort through them and your not sure which content is age-appropriate there is an app that will do that for you. Azoomee is a Safe Kids App from the Bafta-winning kids’ entertainment app. It contains enough great TV shows, films and digital books to keep your children entertained for hours on end.


All parents love putting their little one’s artwork up on the fridge but over time it becomes faded and yellowed and there is so much of it , I have hundreds of the ankle biter’s already. Canvsly is a great free app that allows you to take snapshots of your children’s artwork and upload them to a secure server to share with family and friends and even transform it into keepsakes and gifts.

Web MD mobile

All parents want their children to get out in the sun and play in parks or woods so that they can get valuable exercise and gain an appreciation of nature. But hayfever and sunburn? We’re not fans! The WebMD app gives you discreet alerts when your kids are in areas of high intensity UV or potentially harmful allergens

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