I have recently planned and hosted a party for Archie’s 4th birthday and have been asked some questions by other parent’s doing the same. I thought I would write a post on this as it’s also handy for when I do them again in the future.

The first thing I did was book the hall as once that is booked you have a date and a venue which helps if you are booking mascots or bouncy castles etc. You can then also send out invites! We went for a hall which already had a bouncy castle , disco and music. We the booked the mascots and face painter from a separate company.


Once you have a theme in mind which is usually whatever your little one is in to , in our case it was Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles.  Have a search around for party accessories , the best places are Amazon , Ebay , Poundland and Wilko. I got the plates , cups , napkins and tablecloths all from Wilko they were quite reasonable. Poundland have a range of character partyware too –  I have seen my little pony , frozen , paw patrol in store and also unicorn , princess and pirate and if you don’t have a theme they have standard Happy Birthday printed items too.

Party bags 

I’m not a fan of the plastic handle party bags as they never fit all items in and things fall out easily when storing and transporting. I always go for the paper bags which I buy from Amazon , they come in loads of different colours.  I then buy thank you for coming to my party stickers to seal the bag , you can get these personalised and with characters too. Here is an example.

What goes in to the party bag? 

  • Bubbles
  • Mini pack of Haribo
  • A flump
  • Stickers which I buy from Amazon
  • Tattoos 
  • Party favours these can be bought in Poundland or Wilko – for example I bought princess wands , pirate patches , cars , rubbers , crayons – there is so much out there you can choose to put in

Food – What and how much 

Based on 22 children and at least one parent with each or maybe two and other family members I had invited.

  • Sandwiches – I went for ham , cheese and tuna mayo. I used the Toastie Warburtons loaves which are slightly bigger. I used 4 loaves and cut these in to four triangles each time. I did a loaf and a half of tuna and a loaf and a half of ham then just one loaf of cheese
  • Sausage rolls – I bought the frozen mini ones you cook in the oven and cooked 80 these were from Iceland
  • Mini sausages – I bought 3×20 frozen sausages from Iceland
  • Mini pizzas – I bought 2×18 from iceland but you could buy say for example 4 normal pizzas
  • Cheese – I cut up a large block of cheddar in to cubes and filled two bowls with it – you could add pineapple if you prefer
  • Spring rolls – I bought 20 veg and 20 meat bought these in Iceland and aldi
  • Crisps – I bought 6 large party packs – I went for things like cheese puffs , cheese savoury biscuits , prawn shells and salt and vinegar twirls – supermarket own brand alwyas have a variety
  • Chocolate fingers – 4x boxes of milk and white
  • Party ring biscuits – 4x packets
  • Fairy cakes – 3×12 supermarket fairy cakes
  • Angel layer cake and Swiss roll  – cut up and put on to plates
  • Humus dips x 2
  • Carrot batons and cucumber on a plate to dip
  • Chicken nuggets – 2×30 packs

Obviously you can add more or have less than this , these seem to be the party favourites that I went with. We did have a little bit leftover , but I would rather have leftovers than not enough. It was a fab buffet enjoyed by all children and parents, I think I spent around £70 on food. Also always check for allergies and have an alternative , ensure that the alternative does not touch the other plates of food. I had one gluten free guest and made up a plate beforehand.

I had the cake made by an amazing lady I know –  but there are alternatives such as Supermarket cakes , Asda have some fab ones , also you can make your own.

Party games 

  • We did good old pass the parcel which I wrapped a mini chocolate bar for each child to win something. I had a craft tub as the last main prize. The children loved playing and got so excited to see who was going to win
  • There are loads more you can play if you have the time , a quick search on google will bring loads up

Mascots and face painters 

We used Characters N Co who I cannot recommend enough. The costumes were amazing and so professionally made. The turtles themselves interacted with the children , danced with them and even got on the bouncy castle with them. They made the party! The gentleman in charge was fab and so professional , they also provided a face painter and she was incredible so good with the children and the designs were great. Obviously these were local to us but a google or Facebook search will bring up the ones in your area.

This post is in no way sponsored just to help out some fellow party parents.


Thoughts, Comments?