Plenty of Storage – Whatever Life Throws at You!

We often moan about the twists and turns of life and how things turn upside down just when everything is running smoothly, but it would be incredibly boring if nothing ever changed!

Finding space to accommodate all of life’s numerous, and sometimes unexpected, changes can be a tough call. At times like this the best way to go is looking for a good storage unit

 Having adequate storage, regardless of the circumstances, helps smooth over bumps in the road and lets you get on with life. But you don’t necessarily need a bigger house, you just need to find a better way to use what you’ve got.

A Growing Family

If you need to turn a spare room or other space into a nursery, a self storage unit allows you to store grown-up furnishings somewhere secure so they stay immaculate. Instead of selling or giving away furniture to make room for a cot, it’s far better to save them for future use.

It’s the same as babyhood slips by. Items and clothes that were used for just a few months can be stored ready for next time. It’s a great cost saver if you’re just at the beginning of growing your family, and plan for another baby in a couple of years. 

Of course, you’ll want new things for a new baby, but there’s no need to start completely from scratch. Not only that, those tiny outfits, teddies, and other paraphernalia will have surprising sentimental value and you’ll be happy you kept them long into the future.

When You’re Moving

A self storage room is invaluable when you’re moving house. It’s not called one of life’s most stressful events for nothing. If you have somewhere to store packed items, you can get a head start by putting little-used items in your storage room bit by bit. 

It also gives you a solid way of coping if there’s a gap in between moving out of your old house and moving into the new one. Having somewhere safe for furniture and possessions during that awkward in-between period takes a load off your mind – and prepares you for the unexpected so you can be flexible and prevent a lost sale or broken chain.

You could also save on removals. Place all the small things in boxes in a conveniently located storage unit, and you can hire a smaller removal van to handle just the bulky items.

The final benefit, of course, is the time you can buy yourself for the unpacking process. You don’t have to suffer boxes from basement to loft while you try and get settled in. Instead, bring boxes out of storage a few at a time and take a more leisurely approach to getting your new home how you like it. It’s especially handy if you want to do some early redecorating as you can leave some spaces or rooms clear.

Empty Nests and Student Years

While the house can seem empty and lonely in the weeks following older children’s departure to uni or into their own flats, you’ll soon want to reorganise the space to suit your new needs. Self storage is a great solution, whether you end up storing sentimental items for years or you just want somewhere temporary for a few months.

Students themselves find self storage handy too. A small unit in the university town can save carting bulky personal items back home over summer, only to repeat the exercise when the new academic year starts with new accommodation. 

With spaces ranging upwards from large self storage lockers, there’s no need to rent more space than you need, making it economical as well as time-saving and convenient.

Finding ways to cope with change, especially bigger life-changing events that demand practical solutions as well as emotional ones, helps make sad times easier to bear and nice times even more enjoyable. Good storage helps you make the most of every situation and circumstance life throws at you.

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