I used to have beautiful hair pre pregnancy and motherhood. It was so shiny , thick and strong. My hair started to fall out quite a lot after I had Archie , I was then pregnant again by the time he was 5 months old so had the thick healthy glowing hair back. It was after I had Frankie that I really started to see a huge difference in my hair.

Large amounts of hair were falling out in the shower after I washed it I used to get so upset every time. I noticed that my brush would fill up with hair much quicker than it used to. I would also find hair everywhere I had been around the house. The front of my hair by the sides was where I saw the most hair loss , when it grew back I had tufts of hair either side and it looked awful. I did feel really self conscious with these changes to my hair.

I can no longer really wear many high up styles that expose the front sides of my hair as I have these tufts of baby hair that grow to a certain point and then fall out again and the cycle repeats itself. The texture of my hair has changed too it has a wire/dry texture which proves difficult when using styling aids.

My scalp has changed as well it is so sore when I move my hair from one side to the other and I get dry scalp too. It’s amazing how pregnancy and having children can change parts of your body to this extent. Frankie is now two and a half and I thought by now my hair would have gone back to normal , I do worry I’m stuck with this problem now.

There are things that help such as thickening shampoos , taking vitamins to strengthen your hair. You can also change your diet to help with this too. Regularly cutting your hair can actually help believe it or not. There are more permanent solutions out there too for example a FUE hair transplant could be considered in more extreme circumstances and could really help to improve self confidence when it comes to hair loss.

I do have faith that my hair will slowly get back to normal but I do wonder sometimes if it’s the added stress that comes with having an active two and three year old. Only time will tell but there are lots of options to try and encourage growth that I can start to look at.

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