Preparing Your Child for Nursery

When the time comes for you to send your child to nursery, whether it’s full-time or just a few sessions a week, you’ll probably feel a little apprehensive, to say the least. It certainly seems daunting at first, but after a while you’ll wonder what you were all worrying about. It’s an opportunity for both you and your child to make new friends and your child will likely have lots of fun and learn valuable life skills. Fortunately, there are ways to help your child settle and make the transition easier on the family, as explored below by a day nursery in Kew.

Preparation is key. Get in touch with the staff at your child’s nursery and give them as much information is possible, like your child’s likes and dislikes, the food they eat etc. The more they know about your little one, the more they will be able to help your child settle down. For instance, if your child is crying at having been left at nursery, the staff will be able to find toys that they know your child likes as a way to cheer them up. You should also take your youngster for a visit in advance, if possible, so that they can become familiar with their new environment. This might also help calm your own nerves.

When talking to your child about nursery, share some positive thoughts and ideas so that they can start feeling exciting rather than frightened. Even if you’re feeling nervous yourself, keep a smile on your face. Talk about the opportunity they’ll have to make new friends and all the fun games they’ll be playing. You could also think about reading some books about nursery to your child.

One of the biggest changes at nursery is that your child will have to interact with other children, so they’ll need to know how to take turns and share. Prepare them for this by arranging playdates with other children before they start nursery, so that they get used to the cooperation involved with social interactions. Praise your child when you see them playing nicely and remind them when they’re doing something wrong, like snatching.

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