It’s less than two weeks now until Archie starts big school. I have so many feelings and emotions , one minute I’m really excited and the next I’m filing up and emotional. I’ve written about it before and how shy Archie can be and how hard he finds it to let go of me.

I have been preparing him all summer by talking about it every day, answering questions and telling him all I possibly can about big school.

These are my tops tips for preparing your little ones for big school –

Visit the school as much as you can 

I found this has really helped , we have visited a few times and just asked if we could have a walk around. This made Archie feel much better and get to know his surroundings. It also made Archie ask me more questions about big school and want to talk about it.

Choose personalised back to school items 

We were recently sent some gorgeous personalised school items from Born Gifted which included a lunch bag , water bottle and pencil-case full of personalised stationary. Archie was so excited when he received the parcel and excited to take them to school to use. The first thing he said were these are special as they have my name on them.

This really helps as it brings the scenario in to a story that the little ones can relate to. We were also sent the Usbourne starting school sticker book. Archie loved this as it showed all the different stages of school from getting dressed in the morning to eating lunch and playing.

Arrange some play dates with other school friends 

Over the summer we have had a few play dates with little ones Archie is going to school with. This has been fab to help him get to know some of them a bit more and help him feel comfortable and give the confidence to talk to them on his first day etc. It is also good for us Mum’s to have a chat and relate to eat other about how we are feeling.

Talk talk talk 

I find it best to just keep talking about it , get all questions out in the open and calm any worries. This way you have answered all questions they have which in turn will make them feel more comfortable.

Do you have a little one starting big school ? What tips do you have on preparing them?

*We were sent the back to school hamper for the purpose of this review – all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Thoughts, Comments?

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