If your child is considering heading away to university, chances are your life is going to change pretty drastically. This may be the first time they move out of home and it’s an exciting step into their adult lives. It’s absolutely essential that you help your child make this move and transition seamlessly! Here are a few steps that you can take to help prepare them!

Respect Their Independence and Decisions

If your child is heading away to uni, chances are they’re of an age where they’re going to want to make their own decisions. If your kid doesn’t really want you involved in this process, respect their wishes. You should also make sure that they are choosing a course they’re genuinely interested in and enjoy. Sure, you can offer guidance and advice. But all too often, pushy parents can force their kids onto courses they’ll be miserable taking for three years. Uni should be something your kids enjoy. Encourage them with their passions and interests!

Helping Them Find the Best Uni and Course

The first step that you need to take to help your kid find the best uni and course to suit their needs and preferences. Do they want to live near or move further away? What are they interested in and which courses will tick their boxes? Looking at uni league tables can also be a good place to start, as it shows the best of the best and will help your child organise which institutions they may be accepted to based on their grades or predicted grades.

Attend Open Days

Most universities hold open days where your child can look around, get to meet tutors, and even attend lectures or seminars to get a taste for what life at each university will be like. Take them along to these! The more, the better, as this will help them have a thorough idea of which they want to settle on.

Finding Student Accommodation

You may also want to take a look at different types of student accommodation available in the universities your child is applying to. You want to make sure the standards are high and that they’ll have a nice, comfortable place to stay! AXO Student Living is a good example of what you should expect from student accommodation.

Teach Them Basic Skills

Most kids have all the skills they need before moving out of home. But if you’ve been doing a lot for your kids, you may have to teach them some basic skills before they head away. Make sure they know how to wash their clothes, cook basic dishes and complete other basic tasks so that they don’t struggle once they find themselves taking care of themselves.

These are just a few steps you can take to prepare your kid for their university experience. It may all feel a bit daunting, but it’s a great and positive step forward for them!

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