To my love ,

I really could not have dreamt for a better Daddy to the ankle biters , nothing is too much for you. The phrase hands on Daddy was created for you.

Daddy I see you getting up at 3.46am to give our youngest a bottle even though your alarm is due to go off in 2 hours for a 12 hour shift , you don’t sigh or moan you just get on with it.

You can tell that mummy is frazzled when you get in so you take over the minute you walk through the door. You cook , tackle the washing mountain , entertain the ankle biters , bath them – whatever it takes for me to have that hour of relaxation.

I see you taking the tots to soft play for the afternoon so mummy can sleep , shop or just chill with my own thoughts. You get that I need this to keep a float and function.

When you come home and see we have had “one of those days” and you mutter those words “let’s go out for dinner” you will never know how grateful I am to not have to cook , then wash dishes. You give that break from routine that is oh so needed.

I see you calming me down and helping me rationalise thoughts and worries when my anxiety is high. You break down my thoughts , give me solutions and tell me it will be ok , it always is.

I see you working hard to provide for us and give us the best. You do a physical job , your out in all weathers. I never hear you moan you just get on with it. Without your strong work ethic I would not have been able to stay at home with our babies and watch every milestone as it happens.

I see you teaching the ankle biters about life and bringing them up to be the well-rounded happy tots they are. You don’t mind getting the craft box out and playing frozen or my little pony. I just know you love building pillow forts and rockets out of building blocks.

I see you always wanting the best for me. Whether its pushing me to make those plans with friends or encouraging me to go and treat myself to a haircut or outfit. You can see I’m burnt out and you want to help me re-charge.

I see how our babies absolutely adore and idolise you. They hang off your every word , the excitement on their faces when you get home from work is priceless.

I see you loving me even more than before the ankle biters despite all of my flaws and the changes that motherhood has brought.

Thank you my darling for being the man you are , I could not have chosen a better father for  our children.

All of my love

Lianne xx

1 thought on “I see you Daddy – an open letter to my love”

  1. This is beautiful. Your husband sounds like a real keeper, it really makes a difference when we get a helping hand with the children and around the house! Thanks so much for linking up to #Blogstravaganza, hope to see you again next week xx

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