When you reach a certain age, there is a definite pressure to surrender the perks of city living for  a more laid back lifestyle in the countryside. Escaping to the country can be incredible if you have a brood, but there are also disadvantages to moving away from a haven of culture, dynamism and your many friends. Moving to the country is an option that many people consider just before their kids start school. If this is where your life is at, take a look at whether you should be swapping your cafe culture for fields and greenery.


Relocating anywhere can be a traumatic experience. However, having an entire lifestyle shift can be incredibly difficult to get used to. As a family, you need to be committed to changing the way that you live. The days of venturing to the cinema on a Saturday night or heading to the local Michelin starred restaurant for date night will be gone. Instead, you’ll spend time at home a little more, enjoy entertaining at home, and have to make a new circle of friends. You need to be ready to wave goodbye to the busy nature of a city, and welcome a slower pace of life. For some, this sounds like bliss, but for others, this can be too much. It’s not uncommon to miss the galleries, the fusion food, the local transport links and the museums.

The Joy Of The Countryside

Moving to the countryside is a shift, but it can be a positive one, especially for your little ones. The crime rates are generally lower, schools are better and your brood will have the chance to play outside without inhaling harmful exhaust fumes. There is an innocence to moving to the countryside that kids respond to. They adore heading to the park, making new friends and enjoying more quality family time with their parents.

Moving out of the city tends to mean a longer commute for many workers. However, others use this as an opportunity to work from home more, or to go freelance. This can be an exciting time for many, as they change not only where they are located, but also their professional life. You get the chance to reassess what is most important to you. The chances are that family and life fulfilment will win out over career.


Moving to the countryside needn’t be more stressful than moving around the corner. Hire a reputable house removals company and utilise their packing service to ensure your move is as stress free as possible. Use the profit that you make on your current home to fund your next house purchase in the countryside. You can get much more bang for your buck if you head out into the sticks. Consider how much isolation you crave but don’t be too drastic. The edge of a village can be ideal for many. Amenities can be on your doorstep, yet you will still have the wonderful views.

Moving to the countryside is not for everyone. But for those people with young children who are looking for a change of lifestyle, escaping to the country can be ideal.

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