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Do you love your car and not want to part with it? Is it on its last wheels and falling apart? Remember that buying a car can be a lot of fun and an excuse to treat yourself to a new one is excellent. Applaud yourself though for holding on to your vehicle for as long as you can as drivers who get the most out of their cars tend to be better off financially than people who “trade up” regularly. Even so, there always comes a day when it’s best to part ways and here’s when you know when time is up:

Your Car Needs A Major Repair

If your car needs repairs which are worth more than the vehicle itself, you’ll never get your money back to it’s time for a new car. Plus if you get is repaired, the chances are that something else will break soon after.  

It’s A Money Pit

If your car continually requires maintenance and part replacements, it’s time to sell it. Sell it and buy something more reliable.

It Keeps Breaking Down

Everyone breaks down at some point; however, if they become a constant thing, then it’s time to invest in a new set of wheels. It doesn’t matter if it’s minor stuff like replacing a wiper blade, air filter, or even an oxygen sensor but if it’s breaking down because of more significant auto parts like your engine, transmission, and exhaust system then this is when to worry. It’s also stressful worrying if your car’s going to make it somewhere, so when it becomes undependable, get a new one and save yourself the stress. 

You Don’t Feel Safe Anymore

If your car ever slows down or comes to a sudden stop while you are traveling, it’s a horrifying experience and could easily end up with a car going into the back of you. Road accidents are one of the most common causes of death, and driving an unsafe vehicle raises your risk substantially.

Your Car Is Too Old

An old car isn’t necessarily a bad one, but old cars are often more unreliable and generally incur higher maintenance and running costs. Newer cars are immeasurably safer than ones released even a decade ago and are more likely to come with convenience and safety tech such as adaptive cruise control and lane assist. If your car is ten years old, you’ll probably be surprised to get into a family car such as the Nissan Qashqai and discover you get a birds-eye 360-degree view of the car’s surroundings when you come to park fed to the infotainment screen. That technology only existed in luxury cars just a few years ago!

Your Life Has Changed

There are many reasons that you could outgrow your car. Perhaps you got into camping or boating? Maybe you’ve had kids and need a bigger car to fit them all in, or perhaps you have changed jobs and now have a longer commute? Go to somewhere like Jagtechnic and make sure your vehicle is appropriate for your job, family, hobbies, and any other aspects of life that matter to you.

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