Saving money on bills is important throughout the year, but especially at Christmas when budgets get a little tighter and you want to spend your money elsewhere. These tips might just cut your electricity bills and make a big difference to your disposal income in the coming months.

Make the switch
Chances are you could save quite a bit of money by changing your electricity provider, especially if you have a prepayment meter. Use an energy comparison website to see how much money you could save each year, we think the number might shock you.

Solar panels
Ok, so these are definitely an investment to make, costing up to £5,000 to install. But in the long-term they could drastically cut your electricity bills. You could even make money on them in the long-term if you sell your electricity back to the grid.

Turn off lights
We’re all guilty of it, leaving on lights as we leave the room. And even though you probably don’t think it’ll make much of a difference, over time it definitely will. Ensure you turn off the lights in the rooms that you aren’t using. Plus, if you have outdoor lights like porch lights , install a motion sensor rather than having them on constantly while it’s dark. This will cut your electricity consumption, not vastly, but it will make a difference over time.

Boil just the amount of water you need
There’s no need to fill the kettle every time you boil it, just put the amount of water you need in the kettle and boil it then. It might not seem like it, but this can make a difference to the electricity you use.

Change your bulbs
Make the switch to energy efficient light bulbs, they don’t cost that much more than regular bulbs and they typically last 10 years longer. Plus, they use less energy to run too, which over time can save you money on electricity.

Turn off standby appliances
What are the chances the televisions in your home are currently on standby? Just turning them off could make a small difference that can amount over a year. Check to see if other appliances around the home aren’t on standby either, and ensure you shut down laptops and computers properly too.

Buy energy efficient appliances
If you’re in the market for new appliances, like kettles, toasters, fridge, washing machine etc, make sure they’re rated with at least an A energy rating. This can make a difference to your bills over time. Dryers don’t typically go above a B energy rating, but that’s because they’re not particularly energy efficient tools to begin with, so keep that in mind with how much you actually use them.

Wash at a lower temperature
Where you can make the change from washing at 40 to 30, most detergents now support washing at a lower temperature. Just make sure that every so often you wash at a higher temperature to help clean the machine.

Don’t charge unnecessarily
We’re all guilty of it, charging phones, tablets and laptops without the need of it. Make sure you’re not charging fully charged items, and don’t waste charging it for five or ten minutes if it really doesn’t need it.

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