When you have kids, your life begins to revolve around them. Every decision you make will be with their best interests in mind. So, it’s not all too surprising that your home – the center of your life, your haven, your place for comfort and relaxation – will change pretty drastically when you bring little ones into your life too. Whether you move to have a little more space or simply alter your home to better suit your kids’ wants and needs, you’re likely to make some sort of alteration to your living space to better accommodate your children. Here are just a few areas you might want to consider and focus on.

Your Home

Consider Renovations

There are a larger number of renovations that can benefit your family. If you’re welcoming your first child into your home, you may come to the realisation that you definitely need a whole lot more space. Rather than moving, you can consider renovation work that will create this space for you. Try extending your home through a loft conversion. This will add an extra room to your home without having to use up any extra space outside your property. If this isn’t an option, or you want an alternative, you can always consider adding an extension onto the side of your home. This will take up your garden or land space, so make sure it’s definitely what you want before getting started. Usually, sacrificing this outdoor space is definitely worth it for your little one to have a room to themselves indoors. If you have more children, you can add rooms on as you go along. If your kids are older, you might want to consider an en suite, to have your own private bathroom space too.

Keep The Home A Safe Environment

There are many things that we change to our home’s environment when we have children. There are things we forget that are a danger, and as parents, we can’t afford to be complacent with our home the way it is. If you do not create a safe environment for your children, then you may have an emergency protection order served to you. Make sure you’re replacing any dangerous furniture with something more appropriate and that you’ve removed anything harmful from your child’s reach.

Replace Blinds with Curtains

Blinds can pose a risk to kids and we all have our little ones’ best interests in mind at all times. We will always do our utmost to make sure that they’re exposed to as few risks and as little potential harm as possible. Sure, many people prefer blinds to curtains aesthetically. They’re less space consuming, can appear neater and tidier, and are easy to fit. However, when it comes to safety, blinds tend to come with warning bells. The cords attached to blinds can quickly and easily get tangled around children who are often tempted to play with them. This can prove fatal. This is why you might want to consider curtains over blinds. If you do want to stick with blinds, just make sure to follow instructions when fitting them and add the screws that the cords can be tied around to keep them up and out of the way.

Fix Furniture to Walls Where Necessary

Kids tend to like to climb. If they climb up bookshelves or other furniture, it could topple, landing on them and causing them injury. If you have any furniture that could potentially topple over, make sure to have it screwed or otherwise fixed to a wall properly by a professional. This will help to keep it in place and reduce risk of accidents.

Fit Cupboard Locks and Oven Locks and Pipes with Secure Valves

Cupboard locks are great for those of us with curious and mischievous little ones who want to explore. Often, the contents of cupboards can pose a danger to our children and you can almost guarantee that as soon as your kid can crawl, they’ll be trying to rummage around in them. To avoid them accessing medicines, cleaning products, plastic bags and another number of hazardous items, make sure to fit cupboard locks to prevent them getting in in the first place. Locks on the buttons or knobs on your oven are also a great option – particularly if you have a gas oven. You don’t want your children reaching up and knocking them or accidentally turn them on. Brass Valves that are sturdy are also useful for sticking in place when kids try to press against them.

Invest in Toy Storage

Toy storage solutions are an essential for families. All kids need toys, but you could do without clutter lying around unnecessarily when they’re not playing with their toys. Toys left lying around can pose a trip hazard. Plus, they make your house look untidy. There are a number of different storage options out there that could work for you, ranging from a traditional toy chest to underbed storage, hanging storage and more.

Your Garden

Securing the Perimeters

Kids love spending time in the garden. But you’re going to want to make sure they don’t have any chance of escaping into the outside world while they’re playing. Of course, your kids should always be supervised when playing outside. But you should also make sure the perimeters of your garden are secure. Check your fencing on a regular basis and repair any damage that you may find to the panels. All fence panels should be completely intact with no breaks or cracks. If you find any potential escape routes, keep your kids inside until the panel has been fixed or replaced.

Research Plants and Flowers Before Planting Them

Gardens can be a great sensory space for kids, filled with colour, scent and tiny wildlife. Planting flowers can help create this atmosphere for your little ones. But you should really make sure you conduct thorough research into any plant you’re considering planting before you plant it. Different plants can prove poisonous if consumed and you don’t want to end up taking a trip to A&E with your little one. Consider child-friendly options like Dahlia, African Daisy, and Californian Poppy plants. These all flower and are completely safe!

Of course, there are a lot of steps to consider here. But this is just the start! You really have to think through every option or potential risk when you have kids. Hopefully, those listed above with help to get you started in the right direction!

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