Lately I have been so busy with work and looking after the little ones I have not had any time for myself. When I think of time for myself it doesn’t have to be anything extravagant just an hour on my own taking photos can be enough for me to feel like I’ve had a bit of me time and feel a little refreshed.

These are a few things I do to make some time for me and feel refreshed. 

  1. Buy some bath treats

I love buying some bath treats and taking some time for me. I usually get some lush bubble bars or bath bombs. Candles are always fab too and I like to choose some to scatter around the side of the bath. It’s always good to get a high quality bath scrub too as it will really give tired skin a good revive.

2. Do something you want to do / a hobby 

Take some time out to do something you want to do , for example a hobby. If you haven’t got one take one up , it is so good to have another focus than just Mum. Before you had little ones you were more than just Mum and had things you enjoyed doing. For me it’s photography , I love to get some time to myself and go out and about with my camera. I like experimenting with my photos and nothing pleases me more than getting home with a full camera roll and going through them with a cuppa.

3- Go shopping and treat yourself 

I love this more than anything , going in to town for a few hours and treating myself. I equally love to have a good online shop too with a cuppa and some chocolate cake lounging on my sofa. Whilst browsing online I have come across some fabulous offers to save money on your favourite Dorothy Perkins clothing which I am going to treat myself to.

4 – Have a DVD night with a special home cooked meal 

We love to have a film night and treat ourselves to a nice meal. We take it in turns to cook a special banquet from scratch. This could be anything from a homemade Chinese , Mexican or Indian. We also have a few wines or cocktails. The chill time is amazing and shows us we can be the same as we were pre children.

*Collaborative post

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