Sometimes work just drags, Especially on a slow day when there really isn’t much to do. You can find yourself twiddling your thumbs and watching the clock, wondering what you’re doing with your life.

Don’t worry. This is perfectly normal, at least some of the time. But if you find you’re having a lot of slow days, maybe it’s time to think of some ways to make those idle hours worth a little more. Or at the very least – make your work day a bit more fun!

So if you’re looking for some ideas on how to beat the boredom on a slow day, check out the list below and turn that down time into something valuable.  

Job Search 

Maybe you like your job and you just have some dull down time every now and again. That’s cool. But if you feel that maybe you’re in the wrong position, at the wrong company, or in the wrong profession altogether, you could use these quiet moments to search for a job that might be a better fit. 

Not sure what you want to do? Take an online job questionnaire and see if something interesting comes up. Look for local career advice centres, get in touch with friends in professions you’re interested in, or research how your hobbies could make you money.  

If you’re routinely bored at work, maybe you’re in the wrong position. The right job is out there – so use your down time to find it! 

Online Courses 

There are so many high-quality educational courses online that you can take as a hobby, or to improve your career prospects. A lot of them are free, and all are easy to work through on a slow day at work.

So if there’s something you’ve always wanted to learn, or some knowledge you need to move up in your career, check out some online courses to wile away the dull hours. 

Online Games

Sometimes you just wanna do something low-effort, fun, and engaging whilst killing time at work. And there’s nothing better than earning your paycheck whilst playing a few cheeky online games between tasks.

Image Source: Pixabay CC0 Licence 

If you’re looking for something new and compelling to try out at your desk, check out the Daymare Town Series, Crash Planning, or lightning roulette for some online games that’ll help you make it to the end of the day without getting bored.  

Focus on Happiness

Boredom can get us down in the dumps. But it can also be a symptom of low-mood and even depression. 

So if you find you’re getting bored at work often, and have some spare time each day between work tasks, you could use these breaks productively by practising happiness and well-being exercises which will have a ripple effect throughout your life. 

The Headspace app offers meditation exercises which you can do happily at work. You could also try 10-minute breathing exercises to help reduce stress, or have a go at some of these behind-the-desk yoga exercises to stretch and calm your body. 

You can also focus on happiness by working on your work-place relationships. Help out your colleagues, practise gratitude, and get advice on what you can be doing to progress in your career. 

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