As you know we have loads of renovations to take out in our home. With it being over 100 years old there is always something to do around the house. All of the flooring needs to be changed around the house which is a major job but I have found loads of fab options to suit our home. The lounge is the room we are focusing on at the moment , I am desperate for a fresh new look and I think a new floor and accessories will really do the trick. I love the thought of solid wood flooring as it comes in so many gorgeous shades and finishes. I like the thought of wood flooring with little ones as it is so easy to maintain and keep clean. Just a quick sweep and mop each day and it always looks fab and fresh. When you have little ones there is always some kind of spillage to clean up and it’s so much easier cleaning wooden floors than carpet. I prefer the neutral look we have in the lounge at the moment so I wold probably go for the oak shade as it goes with some many looks.I like the idea of keeping the walls a neutral colour but adding some bright summery accessories along the way. At the moment we have plain magnolia walls with wooden flooring so this gives us loads of flexibility with things that we add in to the lounge. I would love a feature wall over the fire place with a bright colour to brighten everything up. I love the huge floor lamps and the vintage style designs. And for the ceiling lamps I love the rose gold 70’s style fittings. I think they will really brighten up the lounge especially in the colder months as it can be a bit darker. I’m also on the look out for the prints with a splash of colour added to them. We need to find some that will bring out our personality as a family. I am keen on the tropical and designs and Frankie loves Flamingos so we are on the lookout for something with this theme that catches our eye. The rest of the house also needs updating and so many plans now after browsing different floor types and also started creating some mood boards. This really helps wen putting everything together and picturing how tit would look. *Collaborative post

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