2020 was a pretty quiet year for our cars. After being stuck in lockdown 3 different times it’s safe to say that our cars didn’t get much time out in the sun. It is so important for us to look after our car even when not using it, and in 2021 as things hopefully start to change in the world, we will want to use our car more and ensure that it is in tip top condition. 

Today we want to take a look at some of the different things you should do with your car to make sure it runs smoothly and safely and that you can make the most of it once the world goes back to some sense of normality. 

Take it for a spin 

It is very important if you haven’t driven your car for a few weeks that you take it out for a decent amount of time such as 30-60 minutes to ensure that the battery doesn’t run out. This is important and it will keep your car running strong and it will stop it from running out. 

Replace the tyres 

One of the important upgrades for you to make to your car this year is to replace your tyres and rims. Now and again our cars need new tyres to ensure a firm grip on the road below and this will ensure that we are safe on the road especially during the tough weather conditions such as snow and rain. 

Consider a new paint job 

If you haven’t used your car for a while or you simply want to make a change to it’s design, you could consider a car wrap and enjoy a brand new look for your vehicle. Changing the colour of your car can be a really great way to refresh it as well as give it an extra way of protection from the elements. If you simply have some scratches or small chips on your car you can consider getting some t cut and using this to patch up these small spots for a much cleaner looking car. 

Install a spoiler 

If you want to add a fun feature to your car this year that will improve its design, you can consider installing a spoiler. Spoilers can come in many shapes and sizes and there are some stunning designs out there to suit any model of car. Consider installing this this winter and during the summer you can enjoy long drives around the countryside with the added streamlining a spoiler can bring. 

Wash your seats 

One upgrade or change we don’t often consider when we are thinking of the car is to wash the seats and make them smell fresh once more. To clean your seats in the car you can use a handheld steam cleaner and a vacuum cleaner to get rid of debris as well as get rid of deeper dirt trapped in the car. You can also consider spraying with some febreze to make the car seats smell fresh and new. This will make a huge difference to the hygiene of the car and ideally you should be doing this every 3 months.

Get cleaning 

It is so important to give your car a good wash even if it is only parked in the driveway at the moment. Cleaning your car is not only to make it look amazing, but it will also ensure that dirt and grime don’t start to damage your paintwork as well as the seals around your car. Take the time this weekend to give your car a deep clean with shampoo, tyre spray, wax and water. Once you are done your car will look brand new and it will also be protected from the elements. 

Consider new wipers 

It is important now and again for you to check the state of your wipers because if you don’t, you won’t pass your MOT. Be sure that when you check on your wipers that you look for any small cracks or grime stuck on them. You can buy wipers from Costco and these are affordable and easy to fit yourself. 

Use good quality fluids 

It is very important for you to use great quality fluids when you are looking after your car. Choose a coolant, screenwash, and antifreeze that is of good quality and this will ensure the safe running of your car. 

Refill oil 

Now and again your oil needs to be changed in the car to ensure that the car is lubricated well and is able to function. If you want to upgrade your car be sure that you visit your local garage and get an oil change and this will allow your car to run more smoothly.

*Collaborative post

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