After reading Abergavenny kids post on magical forests we decided to go on an adventure to the St Mary’s Vale forest at the foot of the Sugar Loaf mountain in Abergavenny. Please see Abergavenny kids blog post for directions and a map.
We drove to Crickhowell first to Askews bakery to get some rolls and cakes for a picnic. It all looked so yummy and they have so many cakes ! They even had a dairy free cake for Frankie.
It can be a bit tricky to find but there is a little car park and once you are there it’s really easy to find after that. Just take a left out of the car park. Stay on the left hand side and go down a little hill with a house on the right until you come to a big black gate which you open and go through.
You will then hear the stream and see it on the left. You then come to little stepping stone bridge which as you immediately cross there is a field on the left.  Climb over the stile and walk up the bank. We had our picnic here, it was so peaceful and loads of room for the kids to run around and pick flowers.
After the picnic we made our way back down to the stream which was quite shallow and safe enough for the tots to play in under supervision . Although it did go quite fast in places and I can imagine when it has rained it will be deeper.
The ankle biters played for a good hour in the stream with sticks and throwing rocks. They had the best time. On the way back to the car they found loads of thick mud to jump and play in which they loved!
They then found the mountains of leaves on the bank. There were loads still from the autumn fall , can’t imagine what it’s like in autumn. We spent around half an hour just playing in leaves and using our imaginations – it was fantastic !
We then made our way back to the car. The tots were exhausted so it was home for a midweek chicken roast , bath and bed. They were asleep practically as their heads hit the pillows. If you’re looking for a fab and free day out and love adventures this one is for you.

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