I noticed recently how much I say sorry ! I mean I really sat and thought about it ! And it was way too much.

My anxiety is the root cause of my over use of the word sorry , I even catch myself apologising for nothing …. absolutely nothing. Someone could run in to me in the street and I would say sorry !

Stop apologising for resting

Take the rest , you deserve it ! You run a house, keep little ones alive, plan and make everyone’s meals every day ,tackle the school morning madness, deal with everything life throws at you and still stand ! You deserve a rest. To sit and watch a film, to go for a spot of retail therapy or to have an afternoon nap ! Just do it ! No need to apologise.

Stop apologising for saying no

If you don’t want to make plans, go somewhere, do something, be in a toxic friendship/relationship then that’s your choice. Do what makes you happy and don’t apologise !

Don’t apologise for asking for help

We can’t do it all on our own, sometimes we think we can and that’s where the burnout happens ! Ask for help and don’t be sorry – if it’s help with groceries, a job that needs doing ! Then ask and get that help ! There is no shame in it and you should never apologise.

Stop apologising for working / being a stay at home mum

We all make the decision we see best for our situation / family. Whether you choose to work or stay at home, it doesn’t really matter. The amount of times I hear people apologising for either one and also the amount of times I have, there really is no need. Either way you are putting your families needs first by working or staying at home.

Stop apologising for being a bad Mum

You are not a bad Mum, it’s the Mum guilt that creeps in and tells you that your are ! Sorry you’ve had fish fingers twice this week, sorry you have watched six episodes of Peppa pig back to back! These really are not reasons to apologise ! The reason you had fish fingers twice this week is because Mummy was busy taking you back and forth to swimming lessons of rugby practice (giving you an active life) The reason you watched six episodes of Peppa pig back to back was because Mummy was busy doing house work, washing clothes and preparing packed lunches all for you.

Stop apologising for worrying and over thinking

So your little one has a fever and a rash you take them to the doctor’s, but before you even say why you are there you apologise for wasting their time ! This is so wrong and you have nothing to be sorry for ! Your baby is unwell you are doing the right thing and getting them checked over. That right there shows how much of an amazing Mum you are. Never apologise for worrying or over thinking, it’s your porogitive and your way of dealing with things …. Don’t ever be sorry for that!

If like me you find you too are always apologising for being you it’s time to stop right now!

We are not sorry for who we are ! We are amazing, quirky and absolutely rock this life.

It all comes down to loving yourself more, liking who you are and not apologising for it! If someone does have a problem with who you are they don’t deserve to be part of your life. You are the one person who should never have a problem with who you are or apologise for it.

Thoughts, Comments?

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