Every parent knows that the school years are the most formative to our children’s lives. As well as determining grades and careers, school teaches youngsters about everything from relationships to work ethic. You could say, then, that every aspect of the school journey is vital. 

Sadly, a lot of those benefits and lessons suffer if our children move schools. This is the case whether a move occurs due to relocation or because their chosen primary doesn’t extend to later year learning. And, the results can be catastrophic.

This is such an issue that schools like www.leicesterhigh.co.uk carry education through the entire lives of their girls, through from nursery to sixth form. They’ve found that this creates ongoing friendships and security that help students flourish. Sadly, most kids have to change at least three times during their education. That’s a number which only increases in the cases of family moves and so on. 

Of course, plenty of children move schools and come out the other end. Instead of assuming the worst next time one of your children has to make a switch, then, consider taking the following steps to minimise any disruption on their life and learning. 

Visit the school

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Taking your child to visit their new school before they start is vital. This is a fantastic way to help them adjust before the switch even takes place. It’s also a chance to let them sit in on classes and even begin forming friendships with their future classmates ahead of time. Even better, you get to be there every step of the way to ensure that they have constant support and comfort. This can make a huge difference in putting their nerves at ease when starting day rolls around.

Help them integrate

Typical school shifts from primary to secondary and so on are pretty straightforward from an integration standpoint because everyone’s in the same boat. If your kids are moving schools due to relocation, though, integration can be tough. In fact, many kids who join midway through the school year experience bullying or other such peer struggles. To help your kid settle better, it’s worth following tips like those found on www.thespruce.com to help them integrate. Simple things like arranging playdates or even encouraging them to sign up for after-school clubs could make all the difference in how well they form friendships and settle.

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Provide security at home

Moving schools for any reason can leave kids feeling insecure. That’s hardly surprising considering that this means a total change in everything they once knew. They’ll need to say goodbye to friends they know and trust, as well as embarking on entirely new routines and more. To help provide some level of security in an otherwise uncertain life, you should do what you can to keep things steady at home. By providing a secure base that remains constant in this time of change, you can reduce your child’s anxiety, and hopefully provide the tools they need to adjust to their new school life. 

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