We love being out in the garden from spring to summer and there is so much to do. We have only lived here 2 years and have already made the garden a fun haven for the anklebiters.

We have plans to make a mud kitchen and have been buying all the bits over the winter when we have seen them in the sale and on offer. The little ones can’t wait for this. The anklebiters will just love it I’m sure. I will be scouting charity shops too for accessories like saucepans , utensils etc.

There are loads of things to do in the garden for the little ones some of our favourite things are –

  • Bug hunting and collecting to live in their wooden bug houses
  • Watering the plants and fruit and veg they have planted
  • Making fairy gardens
  • Garden games such as hopscotch giant jenga and hula hooping
  • And as always they love some fun in the playhouse

This year we have an ever-growing list of things we want to plant and we plan on creating a vegetable patch too as we have a lovely space for one in the garden. I think this will be great for their development and a great opportunity to teach them where their food comes from. It may also encourage them to each more fruit and veg.

Things on our list to grow include – 

  • Flowers
  • Daffodils
  • Lettuce and cucumber
  • A pumpkin patch
  • Green beans and Peas
  • Tomatoes
  • We also want to plant some apple trees

We also need to sort the grassed areas out as we have a hilly garden so the grass is very patchy and not growing as well as it should. I think we are going to go down the artificial grass route as this will be much better for the garden. It also looks great and is safe with the little ones.

I want the garden to be both fun and educational to help the little ones development. There are so many development opportunities from the garden.

  • The playhouse brings so many role play ideas and gets them using their imagination
  • The vegetable patch gives them responsibility and ownership over something. They will love planting and watering and also checking on them every day
  • The mud kitchen will encourage loads of role play and help develop motor skills
  • They will be getting loads of physical activity and exercise which is so good for them
  • Learning about different types of vegetables and how they grow
  • Will also be labelling everything in the garden in Welsh and English so this will help develop key words in both languages

As you can see the garden is invaluable to learning and there are so many development opportunities for the little ones.

*Collaborative post

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