Being a first time Mum can be bittersweet. It is the biggest blessing you will ever experience but it can also be a struggle – even if it’s hard to admit. No matter how many books you read, how much advice you get and how prepared you feel like you are it can come as quite a shock. Team that with the feeling of losing your identity and getting used to motherhood and it can feel like the biggest challenge you’ve ever been faced with. When you have a friend that has become a mum for the first time it’s so important to try and support her and offer as much advice as you can.

Offer Your Ear

Sometimes all you need when you’re a new mum is someone to talk to. It’s not always easy to open up at first but when you’re struggling talking can help. Be sure to offer your friend your ear and let her know that you’re there for her and free to talk with no judgements. She may not need you but if she doe then it’s a comfort to know you are there.

Offer to babysit When She’s Ready

When you’re attached to your newborn all day every day you can feel like you never get a break. It’s important to get out and feel like yourself again whenever you can. If your new mummy friend doesn’t have family close she may feel completely alone without the option of doing that. So offering to babysit could really help give her that break she craves and enjoy a date with her husband and have a few hours to herself.

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Help With Plans

In the early days there is so much going on she may not have a lot of time to get everything done and may feel like jobs are stacking up. Add to that the planning of her baby’s christening or naming ceremony and she may feel totally overwhelmed. Helping with the plans will be a huge help to her. There are so many lovely christening presents out there. Picking up the perfect present from somewhere like Saffron Bells would make that perfect day even more special.  She will be entirely grateful to you and you’ll feel happy knowing that you’ve taken the pressure off and given a gift that she’ll love.

Let Her Know Your Find It Hard Too

When you’ve offered her your valuable shoulder you may find that she just doesn’t open up. Now you definitely don’t want to pressure her but by letting her know that you’ve probably experienced everything she’d feeling now she might be willing to open up. There are so many things that you feel bad for as a mum but you don’t always need to. With feeding, vaccinations and work choices to make it can be a lot. So letting her know that you’ve felt them too can help.
Take Her Under Your Wing

And finally your going to want to offer your knowledge and extended support group should she need it. If you’re apart of or know of any local mother and baby groups then definitely encourage her to come along. It will do her good to meet other mums and you’ll feel like you’ve done your bit to keep her on track.

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