An eco-friendly home means we’ve done our best to save energy and preserve what we have. More and more homes across the globe are doing their bit to help and if you’ve not already started, there are so many ways you can jump on the bandwagon. From switching your energy source to using less water and recycling.

If you’re new to the eco-friendly game, it’s a good idea to start with the smaller things and work your way up to bigger ones. Something as small as recycling plastic instead of throwing it away in your normal rubbish bin can help, as well as turning off the tap while you’re brushing your teeth. Once these little things are nailed on the head, you can start really thinking about bigger ways to save energy and resources.

1. Think about where your energy is coming from.

If you’re using gas or electricity, you’ve probably noticed the prices increasing every year whether you like it or not. Maybe it’s time you considered switching where your energy comes from to not only make a difference to your bank balance, but to help the environment too. Try and find a more sustainable method of heating you home.

2. Rethink how you use lighting.

The lights in your home use up an awful lot of energy. Combine this with forgetting to switch of the lights when you leave the room and you’re suddenly hit with a huge bill at the end of the month. To save more energy here, always keep lighting to a minimum and ensure that whenever you leave the room, you switch off those lights too. Even make a sign if you’re likely to forget! Replacing your light bulbs with LED or energy saving ones will also help a great deal. They’ll light up just as bright and use a lot less energy to power them up.

3. Reduce, reuse, recycle!

Food waste is a massive iddue in the UK. To make things easier to manage, we should only buy what we need to buy. That means lowering the amount of food we buy at the supermarket and ensuring we don’t buy more than enough. Use by dates always seem to be the thing that puts people off eating food, but actually, most food will be fine, even a few days after. Don’t forget to recycle packaging from anything you can too, including plastics, metals and cardboards.

4. Turn down your thermostat.

The greatest trick in the eco-friendly book could possibly be turning down your thermostat. Reducing it by as little as 1 degree can give you a massive yearly saving. Turning it down even more and putting on a few extra layers instead is sure to give you a nice surprise when your bill arrives.

5. Switching to eco-friendly cleaning products

This is a huge change to make as there is so much packaging involved with cleaning products these days and you need so many different bottles for different things. Some are also so bad for the environment. There are so many environmentally friendly cleaners you can buy these days so the switch should be easy.

Transform your home into an eco-friendly environment.

Following these steps or at least taking a little inspiration from them can really help you stay green. Start small and before you know it, you’ll be the king or queen of eco-friendliness! Do you have any other tips or ways of life that will encourage people to be more conscious about their energy usage? Share your views in the comments!

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