This is something I have been thinking about for a while now , I saw a video on Facebook of a seahorse with a cotton bud attached to it and it broke my heart. Everywhere you look there is plastic – plastic bags , packaging for fruit and veg even your toothbrush.

When you sit down and think about it you realise how much plastic you use and how you can switch a lot of items for non plastic products. The amount of plastic bags in itself is just incredible. If everyone was to use reusable bags like these ones from crazy bags this would make a huge difference.

Ways we are going to cut down and try to eliminate plastic –

Use stainless steel mugs 

James and I drink a lot of coffee , with having two under 5 it is needed. Instead of buying coffees in the takeaway cups we now have our own reusable ones that can be filled up at the coffee shop, this again would save so much plastic.

Shop at the local market for fruit and veg 

The supermarkets have plastic on most items of fruit and veg in the form of plastic bags or containers. Shopping at the local market is cheaper but also so much better for the environment as you can take your own woven bag and fill it up with all of your own fruit and veg.


Shampoo , shower gel and toothbrushes have plastic packaging , you cut down on this just by changing where you shop. A lot of natural stores sell shampoo bars or bubble bars which they wrap in paper bags. They last loner too so you are not buying plastic bottles over and over again. Also you can now get wooden toothbrushes which are 100 percent non plastic which is so much better.

Household cleaning items 

Loads can be changed here , we have until now used the washing liquid in a plastic bottle for our clothes. We are now making the switch to good old-fashioned powder detergent in cardboard boxes. Use natural products like baking soda for cleaning instead of buying cleaning products in plastic bottles can help too.

Make things from scratch 

Instead of buying loads of condiments etc in plastic bottles , make your own. You can then store them in stainless steel or glass containers. You could also get a yogurt makers and make your own , we go through so much yogurt in this house and they are all in plastic containers.

These are just a few steps towards a plastic free household , what are you doing to become plastic free?

*Collaborative post

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