Teaching Your Child to Respect School Rules

Respect is something that all children must learn from a very young age, but it doesn’t just refer to respecting other people. It’s also about respecting the rules, both at home and in school. If children have a fundamental sense of respect for the school rules, the more likely they are to succeed academically. After all, the rules are in place for a reason. I have teamed up with an independent school in London to offer some advice to parents who want to help teach their child to respect the school rules.

Start at Home

If you want your child to be respectful outside of your home, you will need to teach them to be respectful inside it, as well. Make sure that you have established a set of rules for them to follow and let them know that there will be consequences if the rules are broken. However, these can’t just be threats; you’ll have to follow through with your punishments, otherwise your child will not respect the rules. Praise is important too, so when your child is demonstrating good behaviour and has clearly regarded the rules, let them know that you are proud of them and perhaps reward them in some way.

Explain What Rules are For

Talk to your child about the reasons why rules are established in the first place, both at home and at school. Provide them of some examples of what might happen if those rules were not in place. For instance, someone might get hurt and pupils wouldn’t be able to focus in class. This should help your child understand why they have to respect the rules.

Teach Your Child Empathy

Ask your child how they would feel if somebody was disrespectful towards them. Encourage them to put themselves in their teacher’s shoes and get them to think about how they might feel if a classroom of students were being rude. Talk about the teacher’s role in the school; they are there to help students perform well so that they can successfully navigate through life. With that said, they should be listened to and obeyed at all times.

Explore Other Moral Values

Usually, when a child develops an understanding of one moral concept, others will follow. In other words, respecting the school rules will act as an umbrella to various other moral values, such as punctuality, organisation, and hard work. For instance, your child will need to keep on top of their homework after school so that they can hand it in on time and avoid being punished.

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