The Benefits of Having a Hybrid Mattress

There are tons of mattresses on the market with a range of types to choose from in terms of firmness, comfort, support and more. Hybrid mattresses are one of the newer options out there, using a variety of innovative technologies to support a wide range of sleepers throughout the night. Despite hybrid mattresses being incredibly beneficial, the reasons behind this aren’t always known. 

Here are the main benefits of using a hybrid mattress… 


The main factor in every mattress is how much comfort they provide. Hybrid mattresses are renowned for being highly comfortable, offering sleepers a slight sinking feeling due to the top foam layer, while also being slightly bouncy and firm due to the innerspring technology. 

The soft layer contours your body while the pocket springs provide the necessary support to create a feeling of being cradled.


Many hybrid mattresses are affordable and can be paid in monthly instalments to fit into your budgets and make investing in a mattress less of an investment. Hybrid mattresses not only offer huge value for money but are a valuable investment as you are not only benefitting from their affordability but their impressive level of technology too. 

Simba Sleep allows all their customers to choose between paying the full amount for their mattresses or in affordable monthly instalments. Their signature hybrid mattress is made up of five layers of innovative technology, including 2500 titanium Aerocoil springs and high-definition memory foam. 


While memory foam is hugely popular in the mattress world, hybrid mattresses such as Simba’s ‘mattress-in-a-box’ are taking over due to their cooling features. Memory foam isn’t always the right fit for those whose temperature tends to shoot up during the night. Hybrid mattresses are far cooler due to the innerspring technology allowing for more breathability and air ventilation among the springs. The improved ventilation means you don’t have to worry about waking up sticky or sweating. 


The mixture of mattress technology used in hybrid mattresses makes them far more versatile and suited to a wide range of sleepers. Whether you and your sleeping partner are different bodyweights or sleep in entirely different positions, a hybrid mattress can still support both of you in the right ways.

Reduced movement

The foam layers of a hybrid mattress mean that there is far less motion and movement transfer than there would be with a solely coil mattress. While hybrid mattresses are not as still as memory foam, they still hugely help to reduce the amount your mattress moves. This is great for those sharing a bed, especially if your partner tends to toss and turn next to you during the night. 


While hybrid mattresses are comfortable, they also provide a huge amount of support. The foam layers combined with thousands of coils prevent pressure being put on certain points of your body and allow the mattress to contour to the body where needed. A high-quality mattress should always keep the spine in alignment, supporting the neck, back, hips and shoulders, so a hybrid mattress can be ideal for those with joint or muscle pain and can even help to improve posture over time. 

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