The Benefits of School Uniform for Children

A school uniform is a mark of pride. It sets children apart from others, shows the world that they belong to a certain institution and that’s something to be proud of. Uniform also encourages a certain standard of presentation and tidiness in a child. This of course feeds into the concept of being organised and working hard.

This international college in the UK believes that being organised and hardworking are important aspects of education and a uniform reflects that. Whilst for some children, the idea of being unable to display their individuality at school comes as a challenge, for others it’s a blessing.

School uniform removes the pressure of being in fashion – of wearing the ‘right’ shoes or the ‘best’ brands. With that pressure removed, children are only able to impress others with their skills and their achievements rather than their outer apparel.

For parents, school unform simplifies the problem of managing clothing. Children can be hard on their clothes and unforms are often made to last and of strong fabrics. There’s no stress about what to wear in the morning because there’s no choice!

Caring for school uniforms

Many school uniforms are made from wool or wool mix fabrics and these need looking after. Always read the care label before washing or ironing. Encourage your child to hang their blazers, jerseys, skirts and trousers up each evening to retain pleats and shape.

Sometimes, you can expect to get more than one wear out of heavier clothing like jerseys and cardigans – unless your child has been playing in the mud of course! If you can possibly avoid washing heavier items but sponge clean them, this is much better for the garment – frequent washing will usually wear clothing out much faster.

Keeping whites sparkling clean is another issue for many people. This is especially true if you don’t want to use bleach on your child’s school uniform. A good tip is always to soak items which are stained in cold water. Wash after a few hours, on cool with a good detergent. If the stain persists, use a stain remover as a last resort.

School uniforms may require a fair amount of care but they are well worth it. Children are neat and tidy every day and can also take pride in wearing their school tie or badge.

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