The season might not be going the way any fanatical gooner had wanted it to when the season kicked off. But we’re in it through thick and thin. If you’re looking to buy a gift for the gooner in your life, there are some great Arsenal-themed options out there, and we’re going to discuss some of them here today. Find out more about the best of them below.

Wenger’s New Autobiography

It’s much easier to appreciate the footballing genius and talent of Arsene Wenger now he’s gone. And although his time in the Gunners’ dugout is over, every Arsenal fan owes it to themselves to read the great man’s autobiography. He has a way with words that makes the book a breeze to read. And some of the insights he gives into his time at Arsenal are nothing short of fascinating.

Emirates Stadium 3D Puzzle

If you’re buying for someone who’s still a child at heart and you want to find a gift that’ll give them something to play with while also filling a Gunners-shaped gap, why not buy a 3D puzzle of the Emirates Stadium? Yes, they exist and they’re pretty damn impressive. They take time and patience to build but the end results make them entirely worthwhile; there’s no doubt about that.

This Season’s Away Shirt

Arsenal have had some fantastic kits through the years, and this year’s away shirt is one of the best among them. If you’re buying for an Arsenal fan who doesn’t yet have his or her own replica shirt for this season, this could be the ideal gift for them. You could even have their name and favorite number printed on the back if you want to go all out.

A Gunners-Themed Mug

Every fan of any football club needs a mug that shows their team allegiances. If the person you’re buying for doesn’t yet have their own Arsenal mug, you should take a look at these personalised football mugs and find an Arsenal-themed option that you think would be perfect for them. It’s a safe option in terms of gift buying because everyone needs a new mug from time to time.

An Aerial Stadium Photo

A photo that they can hang on the wall always makes a good gift idea, and you can make it Arsenal-themed by getting a framed photo of the stadium from an aerial viewpoint. If they’re a classic Gooner and prefer Highbury, you can get a photo of that stadium instead. There are plenty of options, including art prints that you might want to consider too.

Each of the gift ideas discussed here should satisfy the gooner you’re buying for. You might not be able to buy them the new striker the team clearly needs right now, the ideas mentioned here are certainly some of the next best things out there.

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