I often miss the days when mobile phones didn’t exist , I actually didn’t have a mobile phone until I was 18 and that was only to make phone calls. I love that my childhood was basically technology free. I am really trying to adopt this with my little ones , they don’t have any computers , tablets or technology.

Some people are really surprised when I tell them this , but I don’t want them to always want to go on a tablet or play a computer game. I would much rather them to play and learn through play and also spend a lot of time outdoors.

Clas Ohlson are helping their customers make the most out of their time spent together at home with families and friends. They have come up with a range of tips and tricks as part of its the A Better Home campaign, as well as bringing together a Quality Time range

I was surprised by the research from Clas Ohlson which reveals that the relationships we have with our phones are impacting how much quality time we spend at home with loved ones.

The most surprising statistics for me were – 

  • Almost half (47%) of Brits say that loved ones’ excessive phone usage affects their relationship with them
  • Over a third (41%) of Brits in relationships would rather spend time in bed with their phone than with their partner
  • Over half (53%) of parents admit to regularly keeping their children occupied with phones

It shocks me that people would rather spend time on their phone than with their partner and family etc. This is totally shocking and shows how addictive the phones are becoming and how much people are disconnecting from the real world. I can imagine that excessive use would cause relationship problems as if you would rather be on your phone than spending time with loved ones this could cause so many problems / arguments and even affect mental health.

Using phones etc to keep children occupied can be so detrimental as it also makes the child dependent on mobile phones too. Children should be occupied by other methods such as toys , games and drawings.

Some other findings from the survey were as follows –

  • Over one in 10 (12 %) Brits would rather say “I love you” via text, and a fifth (21%) feel they can express themselves better with emojis than words

This is sad as it means that actually speaking to someone is decreasing and also use of the English language. Again it’s that aspect of being drawn away from the real world and that feeling of disconnection.

  • Over half (52%) of Brits say they become “disconnected from the real world” and “unaware of their surroundings” when on their phone

If you are on your phone you are looking down and not around you to see what is going on. It can eve be dangerous if out and about or driving etc. It also may mean that you miss significant things that are going on around you too.

There were so many shocking figures from this survey but they did not surprise me as technology / phones etc are really becoming a real problem in today’s society. I fear it will only get worse as you can now do everything on your phone and as more generations come through they are getting more and more reliant on technology.
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