The Mental Health Struggles of Marriage 


When you are married, you promise your spouse that you will be there in sickness and in health. However, when mental health issues strike, it can definitely have an impact on your marriage. Here are some common mental health problems, and what you can do about them. 


Get Help for Your Marriage


If you are suffering from severe mental health problems, are dealing with marital issues, or just need life advice, there is no shame in speaking to a therapist about any problem you may have. Sites such as ReGain can help you take back your life. Online therapy is also great for anyone who needs someone to talk to.




Depression is the most common mental health disorder. It can be situational, such as postpartum depression after giving birth, a new house, or a new job, but it can strike even if life’s good. Being married to a spouse who is suffering from depression can feel difficult at times. It’s important that you help your spouse stick to a routine, as this can prevent their depression. Let them do activities that will keep them out and about, such as giving back to the community. Just by getting them out, you can be able to help your spouse immensely. 


Sleep Issues 


Insomnia happens, and it can be annoying to go through, particularly when one person is sleeping well and the other isn’t. If you’re dealing with insomnia, get out and do something, and be quiet about it. Try not to disturb your partner. If you are still having issues after a while, see a doctor. Not getting enough sleep can lead to other mental health issues. Insomnia can happen in waves, and it’s important you and your spouse brave those waves whenever possible.




Having a spouse who is prone to panic attacks and bursts of anxiety can be a challenge, too. If your spouse is having a panic attack, it’s important that you help them calm down and walk them through it. Sometimes, doing activities can help your spouse with any problems they may have. For example, you can do family activities. For ideas on what you can do, click here or go here. Remember that anxiety can be treated, but it may require therapy or medication for that to be the case.


Bipolar Disorder 


Every person in a relationship can be moody at times. There is a difference between that and bipolar disorder, which is a sudden shift in mood. One day, someone can be manic and jovial. They may even take their manic mood a bit too far and spend money on unneeded things, which can affect a relationship. The next, they may be depression. It’s important that you make sure your partner has the treatment they need, and do not take their mood swings personally. Bipolar disorder is not usually something a person can control.


Suicidal Thoughts 


If your partner has talked about harming themselves, it’s important to seek help immediately. Suicide is not to be taken lightly, especially if it feels sudden. Talk to a mental health professional as soon as you can, and speak to a suicide hotline if you have any concerns. Don’t wait until it’s too late to deal with these problems.




It’s important that you seek help for any of these problems. A mental health issue can tear apart a marriage, and that’s the last thing you want. Talk to someone today and see what you can do about your spouse’s problems. It’s something that the two of you can brave together, as every marriage is going to have its share of problems. 

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