Add a bit of flair to the heart of your home with these easy options

We use our kitchens multiple times a day, every day. They are arguably the most important room in your home, because a lot of families see their kitchen as the hub of family life. We cook, eat, socialise, help with homework, relax and work in this space, so it needs to be a space we love.

But it’s all too easy to simply get used to the way our kitchen looks, without thinking about how much we like the design. We’d all love to splash out on a complete kitchen redesign — and this can be extremely beneficial — but while we save our pennies there’s plenty you can do to give your kitchen a new lease of life.
These simple additions and changes will help make your kitchen look and feel like a more exciting place to spend some all-important family time together. Let’s take a look.

A pop of colour
Colour makes a huge difference in any space, so a fresh coat of paint can really help transform your kitchen. Light, neutral colours like white and cream will reflect light, making the space feel bigger, whilst bold shades will make your kitchen more interesting. While warm shades like red and orange evoke passion, blues and greens can help you relax in your kitchen sanctuary.

Treat the senses
A great kitchen isn’t all about looks, you need to treat your other senses too. Consider implementing speakers into your design to introduce relaxing background music, or soft furnishings for some tactile materials. Of course, you can also fill your kitchen with healthy, aromatic ingredients to benefit both your sense of smell and taste.

Corbels can be used as a simple yet effective way to add a bit of flair to your kitchen cabinets or island. Even better, they can also be used practically as an extra bit of shelving.

New appliances
If you can’t commit to redesigning your whole kitchen, a good way to make the space feel fresher is by replacing some of your well-worn appliances. A shiny new microwave or a colourful kettle can add a bit of spice to the look of your kitchen.

Light is a powerful tool in interior design, affecting everything from our mood to how big the space looks. More light = a greater sense of space, so choose your light fixtures carefully. When you do get around to that redesign, bifold doors are an excellent option for bringing in more natural light.

A beadboard
Nowadays, beadboards are easy to install, making them a greater feature for adding interest quickly. If you don’t know, beadboards are rows of narrow wood planks lined up vertically with an indentation (or ‘bead’) between each plank. It’s a tactile, tangible design element which works great in kitchen areas.

Crown moulding
Crown moulding is used to make your cabinets appear flush with the ceiling, but it’s also a decorative element which adds a touch of class and elegance to any kitchen space. There are a lot of styles to choose from too, so even the most modern kitchen can be made more exciting by crown moulding.

Make it all about you
Most importantly, make sure your kitchen is a true reflection of you and your style. There is no right or wrong way to design a kitchen. As long as you’re creating a space which you can use and enjoy, you’ve succeeded in developing a great kitchen design. For more stunning kitchen design inspiration, check out the new kitchen showroom in Glasgow from EKCO.

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