1 – Are they twins 

I get asked this at least 5 times a day. No they are not twins there is a 14 month age gap. Ok fair enough they do look alike and now they are older it’s easy for people to think that. When Frankie was a few months old and people would ask me when Archie is walking ,talking etc and Frankie can barely lift her head I did used to have to fight to keep a straight face.

2 – You’ve got your hands full 

I hear this all day every day! Yes I’ve got my hands full I have one in the midst of the terrible twos and a threenager!  I haven’t slept properly for years and my hairs falling out. Yet people feel the need to constantly say this then cackle in my face.

3 – You have one of each you don’t need anymore now 

Yes this has been said to me many times , so because I have two children of each sex I clearly don’t want anymore? I would only want more and keep trying if I had two boys or two girls ? Because that’s the way it works ? Just to set the record straight I don’t want anymore but this does annoy me.

4- The second one must have been a shock 

This has been said to me so many times , people presume that Frankie was a mistake and not planned ! She certainly isn’t and was most definitely planned. One woman even said to me once on the bus “you will have to keep your legs crossed now as you don’t want anymore” I find it fascinating the way people judge you without knowing a single thing about you.

5 – Do they get on? 

Most of the time yes , but they are siblings who love to give each other a sly dig , play tug of war with toys and screech so loud in each other faces that my hearing is shot to pieces. That’s siblings for you though!

6- You will be lost when they both go to school 

Yes I I’ll  miss the little darlings but I will drink hot coffee alone , not have to share my chocolate and have an afternoon nap after watching loose women. I will also be able to shop alone , clean my house without being followed and nagged for breadsticks and have an empty washing basket – but yes I’ll be lost !

7- Watch out double trouble 

Yes double tantrums , demands , sleep deprivation but also double love , cuddles and fun.


Thoughts, Comments?

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