As a first time mum you are just starting out on that journey they call motherhood. I was in such an idealistic bubble when I was pregnant. I had this , read every book and been on all the baby sites. I knew it all now didn’t I? That was until they handed me that tiny baby and I fast realised I had no clue and there are loads of things they don’t tell you. 

They don’t tell you they will be there every second of the day no matter what you’re doing. Your having a shower , they’re pulling the curtain back and throwing rice cakes in to the bath. There is not one single bit of privacy where motherhood is concerned. Your having a pee , they are there then they are running out with the loo roll. I’ve even had to sit on the toilet holding Archie or Frankie because they don’t want to be put down. 

They don’t tell you that you are literally owned by this small person. They decide when you eat , sleep and take a pee. They always know when your just about to eat that’s when they will wake , the minute that hot coffee or piece of choccie cake you’ve waited for all day hits your lips – they are awake and want your full attention now !! 

They don’t tell you that some days you will feel like a complete failure and totally helpless. Your baby has been crying for three hours straight and no matter what you do , you can’t settle them! Your toddler is ill and you would do anything not to see them in pain. Your their mummy you should know what to do right ? In every situation because that’s what the book says.

They don’t tell you about the epic tantrums and meltdowns they are gong to have. You know the ones where they scream the shop down because they wanted to come out of the pram ,  but you know they will do a Houdini as soon as those straps come off. So they scream and bash themselves against the pram. Everyone is looking , some are shaking their head , you hear someone say “if that was my child” you feel yourself going read and hot and just want the ground to open up. The first time this happens you feel like the worlds worst mum but then you get used to it when it happens 98 times a day. You could do what the book says and put them on the naughty step , yeah right ok let me just find a step in the middle of a crowded shop and of course your going to sit there like the angel you are.

They don’t tell you how much of a mess you will look. Some days you can’t find the hairbrush amongst the mountains of toys on the floor so you use your fingers to “brush” your hair and the only bobble you can find is an Elsa one , that will do. Dry shampoo becomes your best friend because it takes longer to wash your hair in the morning which equals the kids trashing the place while your stepping out of the shower with shampoo on your head to see what they are doing. You walk around in your maternity clothes until your babies first birthday because you don’t want to buy yourself anything cause you feel mummy guilt as they need that cute dress and denim jacket. 

They don’t tell you will never sleep again. As soon as your head hits the pillow and you’ve been asleep for five minutes that’s when they decide it’s play time. You are literally so tired you walk round like a zombie putting fabric softener in the fridge , forgetting family members birthdays and health visitor appointments. Your desperate to sleep all day but the minute they are in bed you want to party. By party I mean parent party, which involves eating your body weight in Haribo and staying up till 1am watching movies , your free the night is yours!


They don’t tell you how lonely it can be some days , yeah sure you have your babies but you don’t speak to a single adult all day. So when he gets home from work you talk at him for three hours straight. You end up telling the woman sitting next to you on the bus your baby doesn’t sleep and how tired you are , she’s an adult and she’s listening so you’re talking! 

They also don’t tell you that you will love them so much your heart will burst. Even though they have turned you in to a sleep deprived emotional wreck , who cries at literally anything. But that doesn’t matter they are your whole world. This little person will love you more than anything , you are also their world and they adore you. 

They don’t tell you how rewarding this is. When you see how happy and confident your little tot is. Or how they can now say mamma or dadda – you taught them that! 

They don’t tell you how much you will laugh and act silly all day. Toddlers are hilarious. Like actual lol moments when they go to bed and you look back on the day. 

They don’t tell you that you will love their daddy even more,  if that’s possible because you see how he’s grown in to this amazing daddy who they idolise.

They don’t tell you about all the amazing adventures you will go on throughout this hood they call motherhood. 

It’s tough , but you’ve got this – you are amazing !!

3 thoughts on “Things they don’t tell you about the hood (motherhood)”

  1. Haha thanks so much for reading and taking the time to comment 🙂 Dry shampoo is my friend ha ha xx

  2. Tiredness is defo the worst , been struggling to keep my eyes open today !! Thanks for reading !! #blogstravaganza xx

  3. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment – I’m really struggling with tiredness and being run own at the moment , exhausting isn’t it – thanks much for inviting me to #blogstravaganza xx

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