We break up soon for the summer holidays. I cant wait for nursery/school runs to be done with and no rushing out in the morning.

We can’t wait for long days in the garden that turn in to impromptu barbecues and long evenings with no strict bedtime routine. I love spending the day out the garden in the paddling pool with ice creams ! This year I have my eye on a slushy machine for the summer fun factor.

I do need to have a plan of action though as my two like to be busy and are used to being in nursery four days a week. I’ve come up with a list of free or cheap things to do.

  1. Find a local spot and go blackberry picking and make a pie
  2. Play good old chalk games like hopscotch
  3. Make a fairy garden or plant seeds
  4. Toast marshmallows for desert on the BBQ one eve
  5. Bake a cake
  6. Make paper mache masks and paint them
  7. Make slime
  8. Go to the library and choose some books/learn something new
  9. Have a teddy bears picnic
  10. Make some hand print art
  11. Make a mud pie
  12. Have a movie night with tickets and popcorn
  13. Camp indoors one night
  14. Go on a nature walk with a checklist of things to tick off
  15. Have a play date
  16. Climb a mountain
  17. Paddle in a stream
  18. Make play doh
  19. Make ice lollies or frozen yogurt pops
  20. Make some recycled crayons with an ice mold
  21. Take your paper outdoors and paint what you see
  22. Go on a road trip
  23. Have a PJ day (several)
  24. Visit a museum
  25. Get the littes to help buy and cook dinner
  26. Act of kindness – make cards or collages for the neighbours or bake them some biscuits
  27. Visit a castle
  28. Have a screen free day
  29. Have a water balloon fight
  30. Make a bird feeder out of a milk carton
  31. Go and see a movie (Mini mornings are on every day in the summer £2.50 per person)
  32. Collect sea shells on the beach and make jewelry with them
  33. Make sock puppets with googly eyes and wool for hair
  34. Write/send letters or postcards and mail them to family members or friends
  35. Have a hula hoop contest
  36. Make tie die t shirts
  37. Make pizzas
  38. Make sun catchers
  39. Do a science experiment (mentos and cola is an easy one)
  40. Make a house and furniture out of recycling for dolls or figures
  41. Make a time capsule and bury it in the garden
  42. Finger paint
  43. Freeze toys in ice
  44. Bubble wrap stamp painting
  45. Sort out toys you no longer play with a donate them
  46. Go camping
  47. Make a tin foil river in the garden
  48. Make a bug house
  49. Make a summer scrap book
  50. Fly a kite

Do you have anything I can add to the list? Would love to hear more – hope you all have a fab summer 2019!

*Collaborative post

Thoughts, Comments?

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