Now we are in to summer it encourages us to try to be more healthy. Everyone wants to get fit and have that bikini body , here are a few pointers for getting on track to being healthier this summer.

Eat loads of in season fruit and veg 

The summer is a perfect excuse to eat all of those in season fruits and vegetables. There are so many different salads you could create with homemade dressings and leans meat/fish. You can also dust off the smoothie maker and blend them all together for a healthy breakfast.

Take advantage of the light evenings 

The light evenings are a perfect time to get out walking. Once the heat of the afternoon sun calm down chose a nice route and get out and about. The thing I love about walking is that you can do this at your own pace fast or slow. You can also go on scenic routes and do this alone or with friends.

Try and give up smoking 

If you do smoke obviously giving up will really help improve your fitness level. It can be really hard to give up especially if you have lived with this habit for years. You could always try switching to vaping and cutting down this way.

Cycle instead of using a car or public transport

Now that the weather is dry and warm cycling could be an alternative method of getting to work etc. The great thing about this is that it’s free and will give you your daily workout.


There are loads of outdoor lidos open in the summer , you also have the option of swimming in the sea. The sea is fab as it’s free and there are no time limits. There are also a lot of lakes and springs that are safe to also swim in too. It’s also a great way to cool down.

As you can see there are so many ways to get out and about during the summer. There is so much fresh air and freedom , so many free ways to get out and about too. I think the summer encourages everyone to get out more and just generally get fit. What plans have you got this summer to get fit ?

*Collaborative post


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