So as we are entering week three of lock down how is everyone getting on? I will admit at the start it was a hard few days, but we have all adjusted really well as a family and found things to do.

We have a little routine that works really well for us. We tend to do all of the home schooling with the children in the morning, have lunch then go for our daily walk. We then come back and do some kind of crafting activity, have our dinner and then watch a movie as a family before the children go to bed.

There are loads of ways you can stay at home and help flatten that curve – 

Take on a garden project 

Maybe lay some decking and create a BBQ area or even grow a vegetable patch. There is always something to be done around the garden.

Play some games to keep your mind active

These can be in the form of board games, puzzles books or online games. There are loads of great brain training games on the internet to choose from I came across a fab guess the pixelated animal game for the whole family to enjoy.


Take up some crafting projects like card marking, knitting or crating. This will keep you busy and also it’s a fab way of making productive items you may need like clothes and birthday cards etc.


Baking is always a winner in this house and it will also save you from going back and forth the shop. If you can make items like bread, pies and pizza bases. Also cakes is always a popular choice with the little ones.

Home improvements  

It is a great time to take out those home improvements at this time. As long as they are not too heavily DIY focused as not to have any accidents. Painting and updating is a goo way to keep you mind busy and pass the time.

So these are just a few things you can do at home and keep busy. I would love to know what you have all been up to and hear about any other ideas you may have.

*Collaborative post

Thoughts, Comments?

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